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Real Deal Hair Queen: Simone Williams Breaks Guinness World Record for Largest Afro

#RoyalWomenInspire  “Being a Guinness World Records title holder now feels so exciting and it’s such an incredible accomplishment for me… it’s something I can share with my family and generations years from now.” Who knew crowns could break records? Well, a melanin afro crown can! Simone Williams, 32,  has broken the Guinness World record for […]

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New Black-Owned Line of Stylish Waist Trainers Launches with Reality Star Amara La Negra

Waist Forever, a Black-owned innovative fitness company, has launched a collection of unique waist trainers with celebrity Amara La Negra, who stars in VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. The waist trainers give women an instant hourglass figure, and with consistent use, it gives more permanent results by actually molding an hourglass shape. The newly launched collection […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Former model and Beauty CEO Adaire Byerly Talks #BLM, Mental Health and Progress

#ChangingtheNarrative  Before becoming the CEO and founder of Entertainment Mindframe, Adaire Byerly had already changed the narrative by coming the first African-American to be signed and represented, under 5’8 at the Dallas-based Clutts Agency. The Fort Worth, TX native and licensed practitioner started Entertainment Mindframe on three things: her love/hate relationship with the industry, seeing […]

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Guess Who? Nicki Minaj Reveals She’s Expecting with New Husband Kenneth Petty

#Preggers. Surprise! Nicki Minaj has revealed her special gift in the oven, and we are not talking about her cooking during the quarantine. Onika Tanya Miraj-Petty, 37, most popularly known as Nicki Minaj posted four images showing off her baby bump in a classic Nicki bob that was an eccentric yellow and a number of […]

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How one Black-owned swimwear line is representing diversity and creating opportunities for women of color

“When it comes to Clem Swimwear and what we represent, it’s definitely a brand that is Black-owned and that we are screaming from the rooftop.”   #OnTheRise #ChangeTheNarrative When there is no opportunity, you create one…that’s the story of our people.  Summer is here and for the first time in a long time, beaches aren’t […]

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Take A Bow: Rihanna is Officially Crowned the Wealthiest Female Artist in the UK

Rihanna has earned the third rank spot amongst musicians on the UK’s 2020 Rich List with an estimated net worth of 571 million (£468 million). As the only solo female artist to make it into the top 20, her success and wealth can be accredited to her career in music, her cosmetic line, Fenty Beauty, […]


Dear Melanin Woman, Your Color Is Your Crown

There are far more than 50 shades of black. So why continue to devalue someone else for not having yours? Black comes in an abundance of captivating shades, yet colorism, color discrimination, and prejudice persist. It becomes a topic that is often thrown under the rug at a table of conversation in the Black community. […]

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How Symone Seven Is Using Her Photography to Own Her Black Beauty and Inspiring Other Dark-Skinned Women To Do The Same

#RoyalWomenInspire  “My followers say, ‘Girl, you are a princess. And I was like, ‘Girl, I’ll be that for you if that’s what you need. I’ll be that for you.”   Symone Seven always knew her Black was beautiful. And when you meet her, who can disagree otherwise? Her sun-kissed chocolate glistens in springtime, Afro-Bohemian fabrics […]

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RoyalTee Talks: LA-based Artist Stina Battle Seeks To Encourage and Empower Fans With Her Music

#OnTheRise From creating her own music to producing her own music videos, Stina, whose real name is Mary-Christina Battle, is in her own universe. The 21-year-old Los Angeles artist hopped on Instagram live with RoyalTee Magazine. Like most of us, Stina has been home due to the coronavirus. But staying in the house has not […]

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#QuarantineChronicles: Fashion Designers Are Pulling Out All The Stops For Face Masks

As basic masks run out, fashion designers are coming up with creative ways for us to look good and stay safe. Before purchasing a mask make sure: It’s made from cotton or a tightly-woven, water-resistant fabric that has a fiber pouch. The mask is wide enough to cover your face and chin Tampa-based fashion designer, […]