• Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

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Sha’Carri Richardson Will Miss The Tokyo Summer Olympics But There’s Hope For The Future


Just know that we’re still rooting for her!

Sha’Carri Richardson will miss the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The USA Track & Field released its full roster on Tuesday and the 21-year-old’s name was not on it.

Richardson was rumored to run the 4X100 after she got off her one-month suspension for testing positive for THC at the U.S. Olympic trials last month. The suspension had disqualified her from the highly-anticipated, 100-meter race

USATF’s statement on Sha’Carri

The LSU national champion was expected to win at least one medal in the summer games when she competed and won first place in the women’s 100m Olympic Trials in June. 

“All USATF athletes are equally aware of and must adhere to the current anti-doping code, and our credibility as the National Governing Body would be lost if rules were only enforced under certain circumstances,” the USTAF released the following statement.

“So while our heartfelt understanding lies with Sha’Carri, we must also maintain fairness for all of the athletes who attempted to realize their dreams by securing a place on the U.S. Olympic Track & Field team.”

Javianne Oliver, Teahna Daniels, Jenna Prandini and Gabby Thomas will run the Women’s 100m race. Thomas is also running 4X100m relay race with English Gardner and Aleia Hobbs.

Hints at future

On Friday, Richardson appeared on NBC’s The Today Show and said that she took “full responsibility” for her actions.

Richardson shared that her biological mother had died weeks before she won the 100-meter Olympic trials. But she added that she was “not making an excuse or looking for any empathy.” 

“I apologize. As much as I’m disappointed, I know that when I step on the track. I don’t represent myself. I represent a community that has shown me great support, great love, and to y’all, I failed y’all and so I apologize for the fact that I didn’t know how to control my emotions or deal with my emotions during that time,” said Richardson in The Today Show interview. 

Despite not being able to compete in the Olympics, Richardson is already looking towards the future. 

“I’m sorry, I can’t be y’all Olympic Champ this year but I promise I’ll be your World Champ next year,” Richardson posted on Twitter following the news.