• Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

A Bit Of ‘Booze And Bubbles’ : How One Florida Couple Is Serving Both With Their Mobile Beverage Business

Corshiona ‘CJ’ Rothwell, co-founder of Booze and Bubbles

Tampa couple Corshiona ‘CJ’ Rothwell and her fiance, Terry Thompson are the pair you need to make sure you invite to your day parties, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and game nights. After falling bubbly in love, climbing the ladder of their respective careers, putting a ring on it, and starting a family, the couple decided to evolve yet again and create a mobile truck beverage business.

Launched in November 2020, Booze and Bubbles is an eco-friendly, secluded social experience that provides champagne, specialty craft cocktails as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

Bubbly curated 

“My intention for Booze and Bubbles was to offer an innovative void that the event industry was missing,” CJ shares with RoyalTee.  “Every design and creatively unique to each event. That’s what makes Booze and Bubbles so unique and innovative.”

“Each cocktail is curated for each event,” she says.

Their cocktails alone are the true hidden gems and have gained them the most popularity. Each one is crafted specifically for each of their customers.

Popular specialty cocktails include The Honeybee, Drunken Mermaid, and Under The Sea, you name! We try to be as creative as possible to specially cater to our clients.

But it’s more than about catching a buzz or vibe. As business owners of color, the couple has tapped into the value of networking and collaborating with other minority business owners.

“We love collaborating with other local small businesses to showcase our talents,” CJ says. “I call them ‘frien-dors’ [vendor friends] It is important to support other businesses especially black-owned businesses. My goal as a Black business owner is to walk into a room without having to introduce myself.”

Although she believes Booze and Bubbles has made a name for itself in Tampa, working with fellow small, Black businesses such as 7th & Grove, there’s still a long way to go. But that’s part of the process of building and evolving. CJ is not spilling the tea on future plans but faith is playing a huge key in it.

“You have to speak growth and expansion into existence in order for it to prosper,” she says.  “We have some major plans for sure coming and I cannot wait to unveil everything that God has in store for us. Throughout this journey, I have let my faith lead me to my promise land so I know it is about to blossom.”

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