• Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Protests Continue At Howard University: How You Can Help

Students protest inside Blackburn Center at Howard University

Howard University students are disgusted and appalled with their current living conditions and lack of representation.   

Protesting continues against university housing and the school’s board of trustees.  Led by the Live Movement, students are demanding action be taken against the deplorable housing conditions which include mold, mildew, and rodents, and lack of student representation on its board of trustees. 

The protests started last week and continue into the university’s homecoming weekend, which one student told RoyalTee exclusively they have boycotted. 

Aniyah Vines, one of the leaders of the Live Moment,  told The Washington Informer that the protests will continue until they get a meeting with HU President Wayne A.I. Frederick. Students also want the board of trustees to reinstate student-faculty and alumni positions and a housing plan to protect current and incoming students. 

“It’s time for President Frederick to make time for us, and not photo ops with U.S. Vice President Kamela Harris,” said Vines.

“Right now with the housing crisis, students are sleeping in their cars and going to Burr (Gymnasium) to shower. Black mold in the dorms is making people throw up and administrators are literally telling students their experiences are false.”

With the help of social media, using the hashtag #blackburntakeover, news of the current situation at the Black Mecca has been spreading. 

Below is how you can help the students at Howard University. 

Follow the Live Moment

The Live Movement’s Instagram page contains daily posts and updates about the protests on their Instagram page. 


According to the page, donations for food and supplies such as toiletries and portable charges. Portable heaters, foot warmers, and tents are needed as well, as more students continue to camp outside of the campus’s Blackburn Student Center in cold weather. A student source told RoyalTee Magazine that at least 30 tents are set up outside in the area they now call refer to as Tent City. 

Those interested in delivering the food or supplies can personally direct message the live movement on their page.

Monetary donations are also being accepted. Donors can cash app $thelivemovement. 

The movement advises alumni that do not wish to support the demonstrations to stay away from the campus. They also want former graduates to get involved with the Howard University Alumni Associations Chapters. 

A petition is also active on the HUAA’s Instagram page

Alternative homecoming

In light of boycotting the university’s current homecoming festivities, the Live Movement has constructed their own homecoming called Blackburn Homecoming. The events are open to students who wish to party and protest freely. Our student source told RoyalTee Magazine that the Divine 9 step show that was scheduled for Oct. 21 was canceled after the administration allegedly sent out an email threatening expulsion for any organizations who participate in the protesting activities. 

Students are using hashtags such as #boycotthoward and #blackburntakeover on Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram to spread awareness. 

destiny ingraham

Destiny Ingraham is a senior Broadcast Journalism student from Broward County, FL. She currently attends Florida A&M University. On her spare time she enjoys writing, spending time with friends, skating, and listening to music.