• Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021
Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is here for the Black media. During a recent appearance on The Mike Muse Show, the 53-year-old praised host Mike Muse, for his joint interview with him and Michael B. Jordan for Just Mercy. Foxx called it one of their ‘best interviews’ while promoting the movie. 

“We do everything at such a high level, and you know what I love, you said ‘you happened to be Black,” Foxx said.  “And that is a beautiful thing because what I tell my kids all the time and I tell kids that are around me, my nephews, I try to show them people doing different things.”

The Dad Stop Embarrassing Me actor and producer is the father of Corrine, 27, and Annalise Bishop, 12. He said he wants to show his kids and nephews that Black people can be successful. It is important for him as a father to uplift people in the black community. Foxx likes to see people like him in a positive light.

“I try to show people like you in a positive light, doing journalism, doing things that are sometimes, you know, when we dream, we can only dream what we see and it’s narrow, especially when it comes to us,” he told Muse.  “But to see you taking those reigns, taking that helm, and doing something special because we need our voices man.”

Foxx also discussed his belief in the importance of showcasing Black excellence. He believes the world should be able to see all that black people can do.

“People may not be racist, but it is the perception that they are constantly bombarded with that they can’t get by and see that you are a journalist, or a person could be a doctor, all these different things,” he said.  “And even we sometimes paint ourselves in the corner and say that this is all that we can be when it is not.”

Foxx is not the only Black celeb that goes hard for Black media. In September, Rihanna shared with Hollywood Unlocked her appreciation of the Black press at her Savage X Fenty Volume 3 premiere show in New York City. 

“Because y’all speak to my people!” Rihanna told Hollywood Unlocked. “If I want to speak to my people, I come to Hollywood Unlocked,” The billionaire said. “I have to come to the Black Media because you guys have an audience that I respect, an audience that are huge fans of mine, and I have a lot of fans that are fans of yours. It’s kind of stupid not to tap into the people who are your customers, the people that look up to you, and the people that keep your business and your brand what it is.”

During the interview, Foxx also touched on the importance of Black people having more financial muscle to rise up. 

“It’s our financial muscle that we lack. That’s why they’re [ White people] able to manipulate us any type of way they want to.”

He added, “So that is an important thing that you say, because when they look at us, they know that we can’t come together because we haven’t quite come all the way together when it comes to that financial muscle. Latino community, can’t mess with them, Asian community, can’t mess with them. When it comes to us, we’re getting there, we’re getting close, but once we start relying on each other and having that, not only that political muscle and our vote, but that financial muscle, we’re going to be making some noise.”

Watch the entire episode on SiriusXM Urban View’s radio. Foxx is currently promoting his new book Act Like You Got Some Sense.


destiny ingraham

Destiny Ingraham is a senior Broadcast Journalism student from Broward County, FL. She currently attends Florida A&M University. On her spare time she enjoys writing, spending time with friends, skating, and listening to music.