• Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

“2021, finna graduate college,” lyrics Megan Thee Stallion recited in her hit record “Thot Sh-t” back in June 2021 are coming to fruition. Fast forward to today, Megan Thee Stallion is set to graduate from Texas Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in health administration.

Thee Stallion took to her Instagram page on Monday to post a few sneak peek photos of the celebration and indicated more photos to come.

“2021 finna graduate collegeeee,” she captioned the photos, showing off her bedazzled graduation cap, ” taking my graduation pics today 😭I can’t wait for y’all to see.”

Her inspirations 

Megan has been an advocate for education since she stepped on the scene. 

In June 2020, she told People she was determined to finish her degree to honor both her late mother and her late grandmother.
“I want to get my degree because I really want my mom to be proud,” she told People. “She saw me going to school before she passed.” Megan’s mother,  Holly Thomas, died in March 2019 after battling brain cancer.

The “Cry Baby” rapper added, “I want my big mama to be proud. She saw me going to school before she passed,” referring to her grandmother. “My grandmother that’s still alive used to be a teacher, so she’s on my butt about finishing school. I’m doing it for me, but I’m also doing it for the women in my family who made me who I am today.”

Putting the degree to work 

Megan aspires to open an assisted living facility in Houston, which she says she will use her money from rapping to open and let her classmates operate it. 

“I watched my grandmother take care of my great-grandmother all my life,” she told Good Morning America last March. “Just watching these two little old ladies take care of each other, I was like, ‘Y’all need some help.'”
The graduate started her college journey at Prairie View A&M University and transferred to Texas Southern University.
“My college experience has been a roller coaster!,” she tweeted back in July. “I started at PV went to some community colleges in between and I’m ending at TSU,” she wrote. “Don’t get discouraged! You can chase your dreams and your education at the same time .”

Dominique Waldron

Dominique Stephanie Waldron is a recent graduate from Long Island University with her Masters in Writing and Producing for Television. She is currently a 2021 recipient for The Shawna E. Shea Memorial Foundation (Shawna Foundation) Women in Film Fellowship. She believes there is always something new to learn and never passes up the chance to learn it. When she is not working, she's writing new scripts, listening to podcasts, meditating and exercising, and most importantly spending quality time with her loved ones.