• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

From The Rockefeller Tree To Christmas Lights: The Holiday Traditions These First-Time Black Mothers Are Looking Forward To Sharing With Their Kids

As millennials, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the generational curses we seek to break but not everything we carry is toxic, such as holiday traditions. And as new and first-time parents, it’s always fun and a bit nostalgic to take what our parents did for us as kids and twist it into a version we can do for our own. 

RoyalTee asked three mothers who are celebrating their first Christmases as parents and the holiday traditions they are looking forward to sharing with their kids. 

Sunni Musique and Robyn (born Dec. 12)

“I am looking forward to Robyn meeting the family, and celebrating her arrival this Christmas!  I’m excited to visit the Rockefeller Tree with her to begin a new generation of memories and her stocking is already above the mantle.”

Photo Credit: Sunni Musique

Nicolette, Keary, and Amyra Simms (3-months-old)

“We are looking forward to spending Christmas day with our family and baking together during Christmas week. We already shared one of our traditions with Amyra by putting up our Christmas decorations. She managed to stay awake while we were doing it.

Going forward…  “We are looking forward to enjoying her as the new addition to our family and we are excited to see how our holiday will change now that we have Amyra. We are also looking forward to her reactions to being around the family and opening gifts.”
Photo Credit: Nicolette Simms

Brittany Scriven & Brandon Butts, Brayden Ashland Butts-Scriven (4-months-old)

“The traditions that I am looking forward to sharing with Brayden include driving around town looking at Christmas lights, him helping his older cousins decorate my parents’ Christmas tree, and putting up his own Christmas tree. The thing I am looking forward to the most about Brayden’s first Christmas is seeing him trying to open his gifts! He will probably be more interested in the paper and boxes though!”

Photot Credit: Brittany Scriven