• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

5 Things I Learned Watching My First and Last Madea Play


I can’t recall how old I was when I was first introduced to Madea but I can tell you about one of the first times I saw her-or him, to each its own. It was during the time my dad still got our movies from the bootleg man at the corner and Hollywood Video was an every weekend pitstop. I saw the Diary of A Mad Black Woman play on DVD. Of course, at the time I didn’t know this grouchy, linebacker looking old woman was actually a man- Tyler Perry, the man who started off as an aspiring playwriter, living out of his car in Atlanta, now a multi-million dollar brand who owns a studio in the same city he was homeless in.

Over the years, I fell in love with the hellurrs, the shut the hell ups and hallelujers vibes, so when the news broke that Perry was gonna kill this old b**** , like many of us, I was disappointed as a fan. But as a businesswoman, I knew it was a good move. That old b***h made him enough money and laughs to last several generations, it’s time to move on. Nonetheless, the announcement of Madea’s Farewell was as bittersweet as it was exciting.


OK, I’m supposed to be telling you about the 10 things I took away from the play! FAST-FORWARD to when my significant other made my ovaries rearrange themselves ( yep I was that excited) when he told me he got the tickets for us to see the Tampa, Fla.  showing of the play. Again, this was my first Madea, the confirmation that I was actually attending felt like I was receiving a black card I never knew I needed or missed.

Now about these first and last 10 takeaways from the play. I only say last because there won’t be anymore more Madea! Welp….

So here I go:

1. Madea is not just a “black thing”.

Mable Simmons brought out just as many white fans as she did black.

2. You will get your Jesus on in the first 5 minutes and keep it throughout the show

I mean seriously, I don’t know what churches or talent agencies Perry is pulling these folks from, but EVERYONE can SANG!  Not to mention, gospel sensation Tamela Mann, who plays Madea’s daughter, Cora, took us all to the king with her voice. I mean, I think I got saved again three times that night.


3. Pay attention to the background

Watching plays or any kind of shows, we can get so caught in the characters who are speaking, that you miss the REAL story going on in the background! Spoiler Alert: I thought the two guys were lovers. But I was so far from wrong… let’s just say mama got her groove back!


4. Improv! Improv! Improv!

At one point, Perry said he was going to have to pay us ( audience) for keeping us there too long! There were laughs, laughs and more laughs throughout the entire play. You can really feel the genuine, family-like spirit the cast had with on another, especially Madea’s ‘ol G crew’ as I call them; Cora ( Tamela Mann), Mr. Brown ( David Mann) and Ella Payne ( Cassi Davis). There were a few moments where Perry and Mann were laughing so hard, they couldn’t get their lines out! Which brings me to my final point…

5. ‘Issa real family’

It isn’t just co-stars you’re watching, it’s a family.

Alexia McKay

A working journalist, entrepreneur and founder of RoyalTee Enterprises. Born and raised in Tampa, Fla. The vision of RoyalTee was inspired in 2015 by Alexia’s ambitions to return to her passion for creative writing and publishing and create a platform to showcase the excellence of minority women across the country through professional, personal and social ventures.