• Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Royal Men: Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral Will Be At The Staples Center


Updated April 6

The home going services for Nipsey Hussle will be as epic as his life. His funeral will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 11. The last celebrity to have their funeral at the 21,000 seat-venue was Michael Jackson in 2009.

Rumors have been going around about ticket sales for Nipsey’s funeral, but close friends since as Karen Civil has been setting the record straight on her Twitter.



Grammy -nominated rapper, Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed Sunday afternoon outside of his very own clothing store. Two other men were seriously injured. The shooting happened ion Los Angeles’ infamous Slauson Avenue. The rapper was 33-years-old.

Nipsey, whose real name was Ermias Ashgedom, was reportedly connected to the street gang, the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips. However, he turned his life around for the positive and worked to give back to his community. He tried to do something good in his life and make change for the better. He invested in Vector 90, a space in South Central Los Angeles for your people to take STEM classes.  His store,  Marathon Clothing and his debut studio album, Victory Lap  highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship. He inspired women such as actress and fellow entrepreneur, Issa Rae, who says Nipsey inspired her to invest in her own community.



Political commentator, Angela Rye says Nipsey left a legacy of black empowerment.



Colin Kaepernick cosigned on Nipsey’s community work with a throwback video off the late rapper.



His death is a blow to the hip-hop industry, such as bad gyal philanthropist, Rihanna.



Writer Aley Arion tweeted, “when I think about who inspired me to even *begin* to take investing/saving seriously & what “from the gutter” Black entrepreneurship looks like… it was Nipsey. not a classroom, not a schoolbook, not no college professor… it was Nipsey Hussle.”

IG: @laurenlondon

Nipsey dated actress Lauren London for five years. Their recent couples interview with GQ has been especially hard to watch since the news broke.



Hours before his death, Nipsey tweeted, “Having strong enemies is a blessing.”




Nipsy was simply a man who wanted to do better with his life and encourage others to do the same. And he did. Why do the streets continue to fight this kind of progress. His killer is still on the loose. Sending our prayers to his friends and family.

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