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Beating The Holidazes

ByAlexia McKay

Apr 25, 2016

Don’t you just love the holidaze? Nope that’s not a typo, we meant holidazes. If you go by the urban dictionary definition, it’s the term used to describe the confusion and excitement people experience between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Queens, you know the feeling after you’ve binge ate all of the turkey and dressing your stomach can hold. But if you’re like most of us, with a New Year resolution to bring sexy back after the holidaze merriment, do your body and mind a favor and keep reading!

  1. Join a gym with a friend: One of the biggest drawbacks of joining a gym is actually getting up and going! Instead of relying on your own self will, get a friend to come with you! A good gym partner can motivate not only them but also yourself. And the gym doesn’t have to be all sweat and no fun; make a game out of it! For example, whoever loses 10 pounds first or can get through the protein shakes a full week without gagging, owes the other one a martini Friday night.  Also if you join a gym, the two of you can split the gym costs. A quick check with Google can tell you which gym is right for you! And don’t forget the new year specials!
  1.  Walk in your neighborhood or a park. If weather permits, a brisk walk through your neighborhood is the most cost conscious option to staying in shape. And if you want to challenge, try walking up some hills. Inclines definitely do the calves good!
  1. If you’re like most women your tummy is probably a problem area, especially around the holidays. Waist trainers are sweeping social media as a quick and easy way to tone up our mid-sections. Hashtag waist trainers on Instagram and a million and one transformation pics will pop up. But is a waist trainer enough? Studies show that while waist trainers can be a quick fix for a slimmer waist, they are not a permanent one! Think of trainers as visual motivation! And let’s not forget a healthy diet and exercise too.
  1. Holiday leftovers are a staple for post-holiday eating! They prolong the “only cause it’s the holidays” excuse to overindulge in rich holiday foods. A healthy alternative to prolonging holiday leftovers is Meal Prepping. Make meals that will last you longer than 2 days. An example of meal prep is preparing chicken breast, brown or yellow rice, and whole green beans in a large enough portions to feed 7. Put a single portion of each in 7 Tupperware containers and grab one each day for lunch! To add some variety to your meal schedule, prepare multiple meals and switch meals every other day. While meal prepping does take some time and commitment, it is a great step into a healthier lifestyle! It not only helps control your meal portions, it can help with unnecessary snacking while saving you some time from not having to cook each day!

There are many options to choose from for you post-holidaze fitness movement, some healthy, some that are not so healthy. Whatever you choose, make sure you do your research to insure it is for you.  All of these activities can be done by themselves or in any combination. 2016 is halfway over! Are you going to go into another year of being unsatisfied with your body or are you going to get up and make a difference! I know which one I’m choosing, and this is one resolution I plan on sticking with!

Alexia McKay

A working journalist, entrepreneur and founder of RoyalTee Enterprises. Born and raised in Tampa, Fla. The vision of RoyalTee was inspired in 2015 by Alexia’s ambitions to return to her passion for creative writing and publishing and create a platform to showcase the excellence of minority women across the country through professional, personal and social ventures.