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Just Keep Writing: The Confessions of a Self-Published, Bestselling Author


erika1When most people hear of a bestselling author, they associate the title with New York Times or USA Today.

I have been self-publishing books for a little over two years now. During that time, I’ve signed with two different publishers because I wanted more exposure for my work. Not only did I want more exposure, but I also wanted to become a bestselling author. Aye, it’s every author’s or aspiring author’s dream.

To grow my network, I interacted with independent and published authors on social media.

When I wrote my first book, I knew I would sell a ton of copies.

Um that did not happen, so I kept writing.



When I signed with two different publishing companies, I assumed they could get me that bestselling badge. Nope.

Eventually, I started my own publishing company called Dear Diary Publishing. Under my brand, I published two books and became an Amazon Bestselling Author. Owning my own publishing company was a perk but it had nothing to do with scoring a bestseller. Two words can get the credit for that; promotion and support. I ran ads and hosted a giveaway. I believed in my brand so much, I gave away some of my books for free.

The road to accomplishing your goals is not easy and it does not happen overnight. But once a bestseller, always a bestseller! I aspire all my aspiring writers and authors to keep on pushing. Your season is coming.