#ByeSpots Tips on How to Tackle Dark Spots on Women of Color


Black skin, brown, skin, tan skin- all are beautiful.

Those pesky dark spots it could bring- not so much.  Dark spots or skin hyperpigmentation can be frustrating, and hard to get rid of, especially on women of color. It happens when the skin produces more melanin, which causes the skin to develop darker patches. 

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun damage, acne, inflammation and skin damage. Not only can they be ugly, but they could also lower self-esteem.

Brittaney Penny, owner of Beyouskinn LLC Day Spa

Licensed esthetician Brittaney Penny, 28, comes across the issue almost every day as the owner of Beyouskinn day spa in New Tampa. She offers RoyalTee tips on treatment and prevention methods.


Skin lightening agents 

Not to be confused with bleaching products. Products with vitamin C and Hydroquinone can help lighten the spots. Vitamin C  brightens the skin and hydroquinone is a depigmenting agent. 

Using fresh citrus juice 

Lemons help lighten the dark spots on the skin and are rich in Vitamin C. 

But don’t overdo it..

Penny recommends only using the treatment in the spots where the hyperpigmentation occurs and stop the treatment once the spots are gone. 

 “It could cause hypopigmentation if overused, which is where the skin loses color leaving you with lighter spots,” Penny said. 


Use sunscreen 

“A lot of women with darker skin tones don’t think they need to wear sunscreen, but sun damage causes hyperpigmentation,” Penny said.

Wash your face 

Whether it’s a face mask or scrub, exfoliating once or twice a week keeps your pore clean and lowers your risk of hyperpigmentation. And schedule a routine treatment with an esthetician.


If you take care of your skin, it would take care of you!