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Sara Dorvilier’s Early Death From Breast Cancer at 28 is a Reminder That It’s Never To Early To Check For Signs

Sara Dorvilier


Breast cancer knows no age. My recent reminder was this beautiful young woman, Sara Dorvilier.

Her tragic death from breast cancer was first reported by her CBS Miami colleague, Danny Garcia in a Facebook post.

“She was a good person with a bright future,” Garcia wrote. ” What a horrible reminder of how tomorrow is not promised. Too sad for words.”

Photo Credit: Classy Sally Mentoring Program

The 28-year-old was a Miami native and graduate from the University of Miami. She worked at CBS4 in Miami as an assignment desk editor. She was also the co-founder of the non-profit organization. Classy Sassy Mentoring Program,ย which empowersย  “young women to love themselves through health, lifestyle, fashion and ministry.”

Dozens are remembering Dorvilier on social media.


Dorvilier’s death is a constant reminder that death knows no age or aspirations, especially cancer.

Breast cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death for African American women and its higher among Black women who are younger than 45, according to Breast Cancer Preventive Partners (BCPP).

BCPP lists products marketed to black women that could heighten out chances for breast cancer:ย 

  • ย Acrylic nailsย 
  • Brazilian blowout treatmentsย 
  • Hair relaxersย 
  • Skin lightenersย 

I was about 22 years old when my gynecologist suggested that I started getting routine breast exams. Aside from the pap (ladies, you know the burden), the second thing I hated most about my yearly was getting those cold, wrinkly hands on my chest.

But it had to be done.ย My mother is a breast cancer survivor, my grandmother was a breast cancer survivor and my aunt. Checking my girls, whether its the shower, doctor, occasionally laying on the couch watching Netflix or remembering promising young Royal Women like Dorvilier,ย  is a non-negotiable factor.

RoyalTee sends our prayers and condolences to her family.