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Jordyn Woods Encourages Others To Put Themselves First With New Fitness Brand


The best place to find self-love maybe the gym. Take it from Jordyn Woods.

The Royal Woman has been on an entrepreneurial, fitness grind since leaving the Kylie Jenner clan.

The 22-year-old model has just come out with her own fitness brand, FrstPlace. This business venture comes after her inclusive activewear line, SECNDNTURE, which was released in August of 2018. Woods announced the launch of FrstPlace on Nov. 2 with an epic video via Instagram.

She says she was inspired to make the brand after getting countless DMs from people asking how she kept her snatched shape. 

In an Instagram live video, Woods explained that the inspiration behind the name came from her own personal efforts to put herself first in her life.

“We have FrstPlace, because we’re all about getting to the first place in your life,” she says.

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“We have FrstPlace, because we’re all about getting to the first place in your life.”


The brand launched with two $25 work out video guides with over 12 weeks of sessions that include sets and reps and a free nutrition guide.  

“I have created at home and in the gym workouts, so no one has to miss out!” Jordan says. 

Jordyn teamed up with B_ND to create vegan resistance bands that go hand in hand with her work out guides.  In a recent Instagram post, she shared how FrstPlace has been making it more enjoyable to hit the gym.

To learn more about FrstPlace click here