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Review: The ‘Single Black Female’ Play Basically Told Me About Myself in 90 Minutes


I am starting to realize more and more that I may be an undercover theater junkie. Plays are like live-action movies to me. And in each one, I find a little bit about myself.

My most recent thespian trip pretty much summed up everything great, magical and aggravating about being a black woman, specifically a single one, hence the name of the play, Single Black Female‘ (SBF). The majority of the play was sadly my current situation.

Starring two single black females, India Davison and Simone Farrell (not sure if they are single in real-life, but they repped us pretty good), the women touched on all topics- black and feminine, from the hardships of dating ( the ‘shit, shower and shave’ line still had me rolling the next day), plus our arguably twisted philosophy of marriage to finances, beauty upkeep, work and gynecology trips.

Side note: if any of your girlfriends tell you they never had a yeast infection, cancel them for the culture and entire female species.


The ladies touched on stereotypes like the popular ‘angry black woman’ or my personal favorite, ‘the strong black woman’, addressing the importance of mental health awareness. As amazing as we are, we are also human. It’s ok to not be ok (shrugs). Another favorite skit of mines was about the dreaded holiday get-togethers, where the only topic older women in your family are concerned with is the marriage, kids and man one. Like when are you going to get all three? When I know you’ll know. Too busy dodging f-boys but loving, toxic ‘in-house’ Dย  and friend-zoning that guy that’s ‘too nice he must be gay’ (but he is not). Yes ladies, we have issues.

In the meantime, yes, I AM GREAT and my career is booming, auntie and grandma! Thanks for asking!

And although the play was basically a raw, rant of the single, black woman’s subconscious, the men (black men) were laughing and agreeing just as much as their melanin counterparts. Needless to say, there is hope for our black male species, if they walked away with at least one lingering thought from this production.

Yes, I would take my man to see this. If your white friend at work wants to know why you were aggravated when Becky got that promotion, even though you were there longer, tell them about SBF. If your white friend just wants to know why you are aggravated period, tell them about SBF.

RoyalTee Publisher/EIC Alexia McKay with Fluid President and SBF lead actress, India Davison

As for myself, I walked away empowered but deep in thought, encouraged but pressed, fulfilled yet frustrated. SBF is an awareness call to the millennial, single black, woman’s daily subconscious; our BC powder and wine bottle rolled onto a script and stage. It says everything wethink, but can’t bring ourselves to say.ย  Just transcribe this entire play into a book and I promise you it would be a best-seller.

SBF was put on by Fluid Expressions Inc., the only black-owned theatre in Tampa, Fla. Davison is the president of Fluid. To learn more about Fluid and upcoming productions, click here.