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Get it Together: 5 Ways to Keep a 20/20 Vision on Your Goals


It’s 2020, and the vision of your future should be crystal clear like it. 

Working at a job you hate, holding onto a relationship that’s long expired, or self-sabotaging. These things keep us back from reaching our true potential and working for what we want. If you’ve been struggling to move on from your current reality into the life you desire, then you have to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results.

1. Have a Support System

Many people who step out of their comfort zone and want to change for the better, tend to overextend themselves. They do too much too fast which causes them to burnout. Or they experience a moment of failure and then they give up.

The road to success can be a lonely one, and feeling constantly depressed and anxious will hinder you from making the right decisions towards your goal.

Look for support systems that can help relieve stress and prevent burnouts:

  • A Mentor
  • Family
  • Friend
  • Therapist/Counsellor

Most forget that when you’re growing and changing into the person you want to be, you’re going to feel uncomfortable and you’re certainly going to want to give up every now and then.

2. Model Yourself After Someone Who inspires You

We all have someone who we admire. For me, I want to be as successful and financially secure as Beyoncé. You may not be particularly inspired by Beyoncé or any type of celebrity. But usually, people have that one person who motivates them to work harder.


If you don’t, then you need to observe the people who surround you in your day to day life. At least one person in your life will evoke jealousy or envy within you. These emotions are natural and apart of every person. They are there to motivate us to do better. Mindfulness is key to reaching your goals, and most successful people have a particular mindset.

Once you’ve learned how your role model makes choices to improve their career, body, or life, you’ll find yourself on the right track towards your goals.

3. Secure those Monthly and Yearly Goals

There should be one big goal that adds up to the little ones along the way. For instance, if I was going to write my novel, I would have little monthly goals along the way that would equate to my big year goal. I would spend three months writing the first draft of my book, a month editing, and two months going through multiple rounds of proofreaders. I will need to complete all those things to reach my yearly goal, which is querying my novel to agents.


Monthly goals are detrimental to yearly goals. If you slip up and fall off keeping track of your monthly goals, that’s ok, just pick yourself up and start again.

4. Make YOU a Priority 

This is an important technique to practice because it grants you peace of mind.

During the grind to be great, we tend to forget that we’re important too. Self-care needs to be prioritzed and central to your hustle. Remeber stress is a killer. You can always take a break and come back to the grind as long as you’re alive. Legacy is great but peace of mind and sanity are priceless. 


5. Be open to always learning 

Adopt the attitude of continuously wanting to learn.

You will have many dreams and goals that you want to achieve throughout life, but the only thing that will truly ever have the power to keep you from reaching those aspirations is yourself.

Never be afraid to try something new even if it scares you. There’s beauty in life, but we’ll only ever find it if we’re willing to search for it.