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Nigerian Comedian Helen Paul Says Pride Doesn’t Pay The Bills, Take The Job Until You Find Your Dream Job


2020 started out as a season of adversity for many of us. And if some of us are being honest with ourselves, it’s only the continuation of a season that really started last year.

In some cases, the trial could be unemployment. One day you’re excelling in your career, the next you’re putting in retail store applications and taking group interviews with college students at the mall. Pride can be a beast when you lose a job, specifically a full-time job in your career. But don’t let pride distract you from reality. Your job may be gone, temporarily, but these bills are permanent and will run as scheduled.

Nigerian comedian, Helen Paul, sums it up in an Instagram post.

“Take any job to pay your bill until you find your dream job,” she posted in a meme. “Pride doesn’t pay the bills.”

She captioned the post,” “I don’t wanna work under anyone. Please don’t call me to borrow money, because I am working under many people…The people I am working for, Work UNDER people who work UNDER people, (just like parte after Parte) so if you don’t want to work UNDER anyone, Don’t ask me to borrow you money Do you UNDERstand????”

In other words, don’t ask for my help, if you’re willing to help yourself.

I do not know about your situation, but when it comes to my storms, I’ve spent enough time whining and crying about it. Now it’s time for solutions, by any means necessary. Each setback is a set-up for the come-up. Read that again…

Point is- Don’t let your pride get in the way of doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. Take the retail job, the temp job ( part-time is better than no time), do what you have to do to get back on your feet!  Remember your temporary situation is not your permanent. You are not the first person to fall on hard times and you will definitely not be the last!

Each setback is a set-up for the come-up.

Keep your eye on the prize.