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‘Mommy and Me’ Support Groups Could Be The Outlet Every New Mother Needs


Many women go into pregnancy and motherhood believing they are prepared and have an awesome support system. And truth is, many of them do.

Awesome partners that are there every step of the way with encouraging smiles while holding her hair back during morning sickness. Parents and in-laws who stop by and watch their grandchild so the new mommy can get some much need rest. Friends that come by and provide coherent conversation. But what happens if that support system slowly fades back into their everyday lives?ย  Whether it’s returning back to work or spending less time reminding you that you are still a woman, separated from the milk making and diaper changing machine you have become?

Women tend to throw themselves into being a mother and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Being the best mommy you can be to your baby is definitely a top priority. But mothers (and fathers) need someone-people-to help them transition into this new role. That’s where Mommy and me support groups come in. They provide that extra pair of comforting words and advice. These groups are created to be a listening ear, a helping hand and sometimes a shoulder to cry on.ย 


Becoming a parent, especially for the first time, is one of the most exciting and terrifying things a person can go through. One of the most underrated emotions is mom guilt. This guilt can be brought on by a plethora of things. Guilt about bottle feeding instead of breastfeeding. Going back to work instead of staying home with the baby. Being a stay at home mom instead of returning to work.

What type of formula to use if the baby has too much gas? What’s the best sleeping arrangement for the baby? Room sharing or nursery? Daycare or a nanny? Every decision weighs so heavily and those are just a few things a mother could be struggling with. Lack of a sleep schedule, still balancing hormones, majority of the day spent alone, expectations and unsolicited advice from the world contribute to mom guilt. In some cases, overwhelming feelings of anxiety, exhaustion, loneliness and fear trigger women into having postpartum depression.

Mommy and me groups help moms recognize that they are not alone. We are not alone There is comfort knowing that there are other women in the world who share similar experiences. Women that can offer a shred of light on what might seem like a cloudy day.