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How The Ellises Are Millennial Marriage, Parenting and Life Goals and We Love Them For It


Don’t listen to the seasoned folks. Millennials can have successful marriages and be great parents. Plugin the hashtags, #MillennialMarriage, #TheEllises, #DevalesTruth and #DeadAss and you’ll find couples like Devale and Khadeen Ellis on Instagram doing it every day.

Together with their three sons, the Brooklyn couple keeps us entertained and enlightened on what it means to literally ‘keep your ish’ together when it comes to marriage and parenting. Because let’s face it, how the world is today, we can’t afford to do it like mom and dad and grandma.


In almost every post, you can find Devale expressing love for his wife and children. Through the jokes and humor are teachable moments with his sons.ย  It is clear to anyone who watches that the amount of love and support in this family is #Goals.

Now the Ellises have expanded their brand to the podcast world with DeadAss podcasts.


Each week the couple gets on air to talk about their relationship, family, work and balancing it all.ย The weekly conversations delve even further into their lives than the comedic videos they normally post. The name for the podcasts, DeadAss, is Brooklyn slang that means “nothing but the truth.” They talk about things that many people shy away from.



On their episode that aired on December 3rd, 2019, Khadeen opened the conversation by admitting there were times in their relationship that she felt like she wasn’t enough. (Raise your hand if you’ve been there)

That right there is something that married people find difficult to acknowledge. The insecurity of their place in the relationship. On the show, there’s also tea for the entrepreneur. Both are actors; Devale stars in Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Together, they bring the gritty truth of their struggles to the table about the business in hopes of helping others looking to breakthrough.


The couple currently tours with their podcast and has a sitcom titled The Ellises on YouTube.

The Ellises are more than just a brand. They are a family that loves, support and embarrasses each other on a daily basis. But it is all done in love. For each other and the thousands that they have become an example for.