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How Much Is Too Much When Promoting Body Positivity? Or Does It Only Matter When You’re Plus Sized?


With each backlash, Lizzo claps back. As a woman who loves every inch of her body should do. So why are we giving her a hard time about it? 

In recent years, we have been pulling the card on body shaming and negative body perception. Companies like Rihanna’s Savage Fenty, Serena Williams’ Serena and Kim Kardashian’s Skims collection use models of all shapes and skin tones. Beauty cannot be crammed in a one size fits all, photoshopped box.

But there’s a time and place for everything.  Recently, artist Lizzo received mixed reviews on her behavior. Late last year, there was a video that went viral of Lizzo wearing a dress with the back cut out, giving fans at the Lakers game a surprise show. People everywhere had something to say about her and her choice of fashion.

Beauty cannot be crammed in a one size fits all, photoshopped box.

Now Lizzo is back with a new, even more, surprising outfit. On February 15th, she posted an Instagram video of her twerking in a bra and panty set.

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Gettin ready for side nigga day ❤️ love u babe 💐

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While many praised confidence, others said that she was “doing too much.”

“There is a time and place to wear lingerie and twerk,” one disappointed Lizzo fan told RoyalTee.  “That is not on Instagram.” The fan went on to say she loves that Lizzo is confident with her body, that it is one of the main reasons she loves her. But she found the post and the outfit Lizzo wore at the Lakers game inappropriate.

“A woman who says she values herself would not display her body that way,” she says. “It’s for your significant other, maybe for the beach but that setting (the game) wasn’t for that.”

Can being confident in yourself in certain circumstances be considered inappropriate? Does saying yes qualify as body shaming someone?

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Roll Model.

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Here is Lizzo in the right place at the right time wearing something appropriate. It’s showing about the same amount of skin as the previous photo. Is there really such a big difference between the two ?

There is one thing that all of these photos have in common. Lizzo being comfortable with herself. In each one, people find some reason to “hate on her.” Mostly making nasty comments about her weight. 

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People should do what they want if it makes them happy when no one is getting hurt.  Everyone, no matter the shape, size or color deserves to love themselves and people should keep their negative energy to themselves.

Someone even said on that last photo, “You’ve been eating enough Lizzo, calm down.” Thousands of comments on a photo that hurts no one. She is eating a cookie. Why do you have something negative to say about THAT?

What seems to be a problem with the outfit she wore at the Lakers game and her video on Instagram is that it might have been inappropriate. Many fans of Lizzo showed their disagreement with her decisions.

On the flip side, the 31-year-old still receives an overwhelming amount of support. Praise for embracing and loving every inch of herself. Positive body image is in the eye of the beholder. But once again, how can you tell someone what they can and cannot do with their body?

Lizzo is a public figure. Does that mean celebrities are not entitled to express themselves how they want?

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion or a preference. But trying to shame someone and tear down their confidence is never okay.

Let’s take it old school. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.