• Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021


Alba Henderson provides entrepreneurs with a consistent boost of support from the outside world.

Imagine creating a beautiful portfolio of designs that awaited to be seen by the world in the display windows of New York City and then all of a sudden you are in labor so you take your portfolio with you and you spend hours in the hospital giving birth to a beautiful life.

Then, your portfolio vanishes.

And one day you’re walking down the streets of New York looking into the display windows to see your hard work in handcraft designs brought to life.

That is what happened to Alba Henderson now an entrepreneur and uprising business consultant. How did one keep going while the asphalt beneath her tried to keep her still? The answer? She kept envisioning where she deserved to be.

What are the keys to starting and building your own business?

“Commitment, consistency, communication and content.” -Alba Henderson.

Mrs. Henderson positioned herself to where she can provide her clients and potential clients the best results in creating and building success in their businesses. Her brand boot camp consists of modules designed with the dreamer in mind who wants to transition their hobbies into a successful business.

Masterclasses on leveling up your social media tactics and time management duties. The best invites come from the best planners. And the best bundles are packaged with care. Henderson knows this all too well and this is why she offers her expertise with her event planning bundles.

Henderson is a confidence booster. She provides hands-on training to a service that she calls “build her up” and helps you turn your words into action. Her community of powerhouse women, called  ‘P.E.A.R.L.,  continue to hold each other accountable and responsible for achieving their goals.

“We don’t always ask for opportunities,” she says.  “Instead, we do an amazing job with our head down, hoping someone will take notice, we have to change that.”

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