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Motherhood Woes: A Commercial Showing the Realities of Postpartum is Rejected From Airing


Motherhood is a blessing. Those first moments when your child is born is the purest, feeling of love a woman could ever experience. But those first, few days of our greatest blessing could also be our greatest turmoil.

Giving birth is painful, uncomfortable and tiresome. Not to mention foreign and bloody, especially for women who could go through C-section. But for some reason, the media doesn’t like to touch on this side of motherhood.

The postpartum company, Frida Mom attempted to do so with a commercial. The 90-second commercial advertised their postpartum recovery kits but it was rejected from airing by ABC during this year’s Academy Awards.

The commercial starts off with a disclaimer saying in part that the commercial is not, “violent, political” or sexual in nature…It’s just a new mom, home with her baby.”

Watch the commercial below: 

According to Frida Mom, the commercial was rejected it was “too graphic.”

But is it too graphic or too real? The commercial depicted my reality and the reality of millions of women. As a new mother, I struggled to walk and sit down to use the restroom. Wearing the mesh underwear and giant pads were uncomfortable but needed. My baby waking up crying in the middle of the night and tending to her. Having to ignore and put aside my own discomfort to tend to my child’s needs.

I don’t believe that the commercial should’ve been rejected because it’s an accurate representation of life after labor. 

But is it too graphic or too real?

We glamorize sexuality and joys of motherhood, but not enough light is shed on the flip side and that is the reality that needs to be seen.

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