• Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

As more women get involved in male-dominated sports, they are creating a path for younger generations of girls and inspiring them to not let their gender hold them back from playing whatever sport they want.

Last Monday [February 10] Jennifer King was announced as a full-year coaching intern for the Washington Redskins. As a coaching intern, she will be working with the offensive staff throughout the offseason, training camps, and the regular season assisting Randy Jordan with running back players.Jennifer King

Things to Know About Jennifer King

  • Jennifer holds a Master’s of Science in sports administration from Liberty University and earned a bachelor of science in sports management from Guilford College.
  • Prior to her as coaching intern for the Washington Redskins, Jennifer was coaching as a part-time intern for the Carolina Panthers the last two summers. She worked with the team’s wide receivers and running backs during the off-seasons and training camps.
  • King coached in the National Football League (NFL), the Alliance of American Football, and within the college ranks. She assisted with coaching wide receivers and special teams in 2019 with the Alliance of American Football’s Arizona Hotshots, and worked as an offensive assistant with the football team of Dartmouth College.
  • Before pursuing coaching, she had a high football IQ and played as a quarterback for the Phoenix, but she prefers the wide receiver position.

Her long term goal is to become an offensive coordinator within the college ranks or the NFL.

Proving herself as more than qualified and capable for each coaching opportunity she has held, King will be joining a small group of women working in the NFL and prove to others that women can hold coaching positions. She will be an inspiration for future little girls who want to coach in male dominated sports.


Cory Nunnally

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