• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Killing Black Father Stereotypes One Good Black Father At A Time


From incarceration to deadbeats, our black men are constantly battling the stereotypes pitted them. But our men who are actually doing the right thing don’t get enough love.

Hashtags #BlackFathers and most recently, #GirlDad, following the death of Kobe Bryant,  are proving those stereotypes wrong and breaking old images of what it means to be a father.


For instance, the daddy’s girl. A dad can be a soft pillow of emotions when it comes to dealing with his daughter. Videos like the one above showing black fathers doing their daughters’ hair go viral.

On the same note, good black fathers are essential to building good black men. An action as simple as teaching your son how to season meat for the grill is a moment that will last him for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma that black fathers cannot be strong and emotional at the same time. In reality, this video is a great example of what a relationship between father and son should look like.

Fathers like Kyle Smith knows the effect of having a good father can have on their child’s life.  Although he lost his father as a teenager, he uses the relationship they had as a foundation to be the best example for his own kids.

Dads are traditionally known to be the ones who hand out the discipline and a stern hand. But Smith tells RoyalTee he didn’t want his kids to know him just as the strict one. Instead, he wants them to be flooded with happy memories; watching movies, playing video games, and family outings. He ten often plans individual dates with his kids such as ice cream trips and bowling.


A Protector. Leader. Provider. Advocate. Someone who is affectionate. Trustworthy. Patient. That’s what kids expect from the men they call father. It’s what they need him to be. And so often, fathers are taken from their kids too soon. So why shouldn’t he be as loving as possible in the time he has? In every shape and form. For daughters AND sons.


Jaenaeva Watson

Born with a pen and notebook, Jaenaeva Watson is a creative writer beginning her next step as a journalist. She graduated 2017 from the University of West Georgia where she majored in journalism and minored in creative writing. She is a first-generation American, born and raised in College Park, Ga. Jaenaeva wants to travel the world with her daughter, writing about her experiences.