• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Fad Diets, What’s The Hype Are They Good, Bad or a Waste of Time


Everybody wishes there was a three-step plan to get to where they want to be, especially when it comes to losing weight. That’s why fad diets have always been so popular. I’m guilty of trying one or two of the fads myself and I even had some success. The low carb diet and the apple cider vinegar and water detox had the best results.

There’s a difference between fad diets and a complete change in a diet. A fad diet is popular, usually backed by someone of influence and promises unrealistic or temporary results. But a change in a diet falls under a strict restriction that is long term and usually does have a stronger chance of lasting weight loss results such as a vegan or Keto diet. People who choose these types of diets show dedication and discipline that is necessary for true change.


But losing weight and getting healthy is not a quick road and there aren’t magic pills. Fad diets and the weight loss pills that promise magical results are just that, magical. But with the best results, there are consequences. A lot of these at home fad diets come with side effects that people aren’t aware of.

People suffer from weakness and inadequate vitamin and mineral intake. This type of extreme dieting can still leave you hungry. Normally these fads call for a complete reduction of one or more food groups. An example of this would be the cabbage soup diet. Nutritionists have advised while doing this seven-day diet, to take two weeks off before starting another weekly cycle. Why? Because of the lack of daily nutrients needed.


Even though the cabbage soup diet lacks the nutritional value needed to be considered eating healthy, it remains one of the most popular fad diets. That’s solely due to the rapid pace of weight loss. But there’s another side effect of these fads that people should take into consideration and that’s the water weight that is mostly being lost and that is only temporary.

Another fad diet that seemed to have some success was eating baby food instead of snacks. This fad was to control calorie intake.  Remember the time everyone jumped on this bandwagon when the rumors of Jennifer Aniston losing weight off of this diet.


There are a million ways to lose weight these days. However, at the end of the day, eating right and exercise are the best ways to go about this. It just takes time, dedication and discipline.

Jaenaeva Watson

Born with a pen and notebook, Jaenaeva Watson is a creative writer beginning her next step as a journalist. She graduated 2017 from the University of West Georgia where she majored in journalism and minored in creative writing. She is a first-generation American, born and raised in College Park, Ga. Jaenaeva wants to travel the world with her daughter, writing about her experiences.