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A Few Do’s a and Donts I Learned When I Detoxed For the First Time

ByDominique Waldron

Mar 4, 2020

“I’m going on a detox.” Words you’ve probably said a million times or heard a thousand times.  If you’ve done a detox, how did you know if you got rid of the toxins you wanted to? 


That’s why it’s important to know which detox is right for you.  After speaking about doing a million times,  I decided to put my stomach where my mouth was and go for it.  I tried the “Whole Body Cleanse: complete 10-day Cleaning System” and my metabolism was amazingly back to regulating normally.


To prep for it, first, I did my research about what it actually means to detox your body. Then, I narrowed down on which detox system I was going to try. Lastly, I reflected on how I felt afterward. Like, did it help me or nah. 


But how do I know which detox is the best one?


First I asked why am I detoxing? Not all detoxes just get rid of the bad toxins and waste I put in. Some are for weight loss and I do not want to lose the weight I have. So, I got specific about what the detox is for. Do I want to try a colon cleanse, a master cleanse or even a liver cleanse? Doing my research on what it is that I wanted to target was the first task I completed. Believe it or not, juice fasting is a type of detox, as well.  


How often am I detoxing? 



This was my first time detoxing. I also asked myself do I plan on detoxing regularly or once a year? This question is important to answer because detoxing can be pointless if you’re going to put the same toxins back into your body. I’m not saying don’t have a glass of wine to wind down after a hard day of work. But make smarter health choices the next time around


I picked my detox purpose, but there are so many detox plans to choose from still. How do I narrow it down? 

The ingredients. As you may know or not, some scientists are still skeptical about detoxes because our bodies already have natural ways to fight off toxins. Choose a healthy detox smoothie. Therefore, you are adding the appropriate ingredient in your system that can combat toxins as well.  I love smoothies!  Some ingredients I used were spirulina, banana, fresh spinach, apple juice, crushed ice, lemon juice, almond milk, hemp protein powder, fresh mint, and chia seeds. 


What else should I know before starting my detox? 


According to WebMD, too much detoxing slows down your metabolism and makes it more difficult to fight off weight.  Detoxing doesn’t shed fat just pounds. A colon detox doesn’t mean you drink gallons of water. And just when you think you can’t drink enough water. 

A juice detox means you only drink juices from vegetables and fruits. I don’t go this route because it’s not for me. I exercise often so my stomach needs solids in there.


OK, so that is the research part. Now here are two of my most important takeaways: 


  • Unlike me, please prepare to go grocery shopping. Half of the meal plans this one provides were ingredients I didn’t have.
  • You don’t have to break the bank to do this, my cheap behind didn’t. I just swipe left to the regular items I will normally shop for, for the ones they recommended. Normally, that means more money but if you do the detox I did, the ingredients were the same price for foods I buy regularly.


In other words, you don’t have to overdraft on your debit card to be healthy. 

Dominique Waldron

Dominique Stephanie Waldron is a creative writer and an MFA graduate student who enjoys watching movies and brainstorming new ideas. For a bit of R&R, Dominique's go-to's are quick workouts or a nice glass of wine.