• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Social Media Challenges Are Helping Everyone Survive Solitude

Being stuck at home can inspire more than boredom and reckless behavior. In this time of seclusion, people have found solace through social media.

#UntilTomorrow is one of the latest internet challenges that has everyone looking back at old memories. In the beginning, seemingly random throwback photos were being posted with the caption being the hashtag. Posts of people back when “duck face” and selfies of you sitting on bathroom counters were popular. Some of the photos can be embarrassing or silly. Hairstyles or makeup mishaps that we wouldn’t touch in 2020. The way the challenge works is after leaving that photo up for only 24 hours, whoever likes the photo will be sent a message to post their own #untiltomorrow photo. Pretty simple. And now this challenge is trending.

But this isn’t the only one trending. Does anyone feel like a physical challenge? There’s a few of those floating around. From push-ups to planks to lifting couches, people are not going to be missing

Videos using apps like Tiktok and Triller also have been on the rise.




People are finding any and everything possible to do while being on lockdown from the outside world. There has been slight criticism and scrutiny for the millennials during this time. Saying that this generation is not staying home and doing their part to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19.

But it seems like now everyone is getting on board. Is there any surprise that there is a rise of challenges, videos and social media usage since the quarantines and lockdown began? Stay safe and enjoy the unlimited challenges that are surfacing.

Jaenaeva Watson

Born with a pen and notebook, Jaenaeva Watson is a creative writer beginning her next step as a journalist. She graduated 2017 from the University of West Georgia where she majored in journalism and minored in creative writing. She is a first-generation American, born and raised in College Park, Ga. Jaenaeva wants to travel the world with her daughter, writing about her experiences.