• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Wonder why you aren’t as close to some people anymore? Their season in your life may have expired


When I was a teenager, my dad would say that some people are only in your life for a season. Not an uncommon saying. Hashtag #season and I’m pretty sure you’ll find a meme on it. But it wasn’t a statement that stuck with me until I went to college.

I went to college with a group of friends that I had known through high school. Each week we would meet up, watch movies and have game nights. I just knew that they were going to be my crew forever. The people that I would keep close through this next step in life.  But slowly we all started to drift apart. They found new things to do and new people to do them with. And I found people that matched my personality. It’s not like my high school friends and I fell out on bad terms. Our season just ended.

The people in our lives usually fall in one of three categories: friends/associates, family, and the future.

Friends: These are people you socialize and find things in common with. But this group can change with the phases of your life. One word: maturity. I had a different group of friends in middle school from high school than in college. The people that I had in my circle were on the same page as me, educationally, socially and mentally. But as I evolved so did my tribe.

Family: You can’t choose your family but even blood has their seasons. Fallouts between your ‘favorite cousin’ once upon a time can tarnish an entire relationship. Of course, there’s always the opportunity for reconciliation but who will be the first one to take that step? Other reasons may not be as drastic; sometimes you simply grow apart or were never that close. I have a cousin that I had never been close to, but we would still check on one another and see each other at family events.

Future: Very rarely people make it into this category and stay long in this season. People in this category are those that are in your life to help you to reach your goals. Whether those goals are financial, romantic, professional, social or spiritual. Everyone in your life has a purpose.


If someone doesn’t fit in either of these categories, chances are they probably served their purpose in your life and you in theirs. The season is over and that’s OK. Some people are put in your life to learn a lesson, whether that lesson is good or bad, you are still learning. For myself, I always look for the moral of the story. There’s always an opportunity to learn more about yourself, what you won’t allow and the type of people you want to attract into your life. You can’t be afraid to let someone go. If their season in your life is up, then you must move on.

Jaenaeva Watson

Born with a pen and notebook, Jaenaeva Watson is a creative writer beginning her next step as a journalist. She graduated 2017 from the University of West Georgia where she majored in journalism and minored in creative writing. She is a first-generation American, born and raised in College Park, Ga. Jaenaeva wants to travel the world with her daughter, writing about her experiences.