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Have No Fear, Your Bae May Be One Swipe Away

Being on lockdown is raining on our love lives.  Staying in the house 24/7 makes nearly impossible to date or meet any new people. Pre-corona, virtual dating was an option, nowadays, we have no choice.

Dating has essentially turned into an episode of “The Circle” or “Love is Blind” depending on what you are looking for, just without a hundred thousand dollar prize at the end. Millennials and Generation Z singles have flooded dating apps looking to make a virtual connection, especially those who are in quarantine alone.


Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge have seen a surge in activity with messages, in-app calls, and video chats. More people are video dating with FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom to make friends or find a new boo. Video chatting has also helped singles get creative with their dates offering romantic dinners, movie dates, game night, or just wine and your favorite show all being enjoyed with each other via video chat.

Virtual speed dating is also becoming a big thing too. Influencers in different cities are creating their own events to online blind speeding dating were attendees would video chat with their dates for 10 to 15 minutes in private chat rooms, FaceTime, Zoom, or the WhatsApp all from the comfort of their homes, which can take a bit of the pressure of a blind date off.

With events and apps like these soaring in users and participants, it’s allowed people to rebuild their social and dating lives to connect to others as the social creatures we are whether it’s to find love or companionship.