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Tracee Ellis Ross Channels Her Mother and Finds Her Voice in “The High Note”

ByCory Nunnally

May 28, 2020

On Friday, May 29, The High Note will premiere on-demand in homes across the world! As long as you have Prime Video, Apple TV, Xfinity, VUDU, Google Play, or Fandango, the premiere of The High Note can be enjoyed in your home. Focus Features presents the musical drama of a superstar and her assistant each stuck in their own ruts but still dream of achieving more told a talent star-filled cast with Tracee Ellis Ross, Ice Cube, and Dakota Johnson.

Tracee Ellis Ross channels her mother’s humanity as she plays Grace Davis, a middle-aged black superstar who has reached the peak of her career along with her long-time manager portrayed by Ice Cube. Dakota Johnson plays Grace’s overworked personal assistant who aspires to be a music producer but has gotten stuck running errands for 3 years. Just when things seemed their careers were stagnating, the manager presents Grace with a career-altering choice that could change Grace and Maggie’s lives forever, forcing them to decide individually if they want to play it safe or listen to their hearts and take the risk.

Expect female empowerment as Grace and Maggie fight an uphill battle for their ambitions through ageism and sexism in the music industry. Maggie and her ideas are not being taken seriously as a young woman in an assistant position that wants the male-dominated position of music producer. Grace struggles to stay relevant as she desires to make new music while her strictly male team wants her to repeatedly perform her greatest hits in fear that the public wouldn’t respond well to a female singer after a certain age.

The High Note will also be Ms. Ross’s musical debut as she sings six original songs, including the soundtrack’s lead single “Love Myself,” fulfilling a long-standing dream of her to sing as she plays fictional diva icon, Grace Davis.

Cory Nunnally

Cory Nunnally is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland. Her love for writing stemmed from reading fiction when she was a kid. Cory enjoys writing short stories, poetry, and articles about mental health and celebrating local events.