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RoyalTee Magazine and Marchina Latrese Presents: “Through the Mask: Overcoming COVID-19”

Alexia McKay (Left) Marchina Smith (Right)

WE’RE SURVIVING AND THRIVING! Now it’s time to share your story…

The coronavirus has made 2020 a rough year so far, but WE’RE MAKING IT!

RoyalTee Magazine’s founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief, Alexia McKay has teamed up with Central Florida entrepreneur, Marchina Smith on a collaborative initiative to bring awareness to those impacted by the pandemic, whether personally or professionally, and share their testimonies in an exclusive special edition magazine.

“We are living history, ” Marchina says. Smith is also the organizer of the annual event “Stride For A Cause”, a Tampa Bay fashion show dedicated to bringing awareness to breast cancer survivors.

“From the community, we can expect support, we can expect encouragement,” Alexia says. “Everybody is so quick to cancel 2020, but we’re canceling nothing. There’s still a lot of 2020 left to go.”


The pandemic has significantly impacted the African American community, specifically business owners, and the ladies hope to raise awareness of that aspect as well. Advertising opportunities will be available in the magazine for local small businesses in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida area.

“We want to tell the stories of the community, we want to tell the stories of the streets, of how people have been personally affected by this pandemic, whether that’s directly or indirectly,” Alexia says.

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