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Slutty Vegan ATL Makes A Pitstop In Tampa And Sells Out In Less Than 3 Hours


This occasion may be the only time you can call us sluts and get away with it! Slutty Vegan ATL made a food truck stop in Tampa on Tuesday. The black-owned, vegan-based restaurant is located in Atlanta and is currently on a ‘Gettin’ Slutty’ cross-country tour. The tour gives fans and those curious about Slutty Vegan a chance to get introduced to the food and brand. 

“Really we just wanted to get everybody ‘slut-tifed’ all across the country,” I’Yonna Perrin of Slutty Vegan ATL told RoyalTee. “Everybody raves about us online and on our social media. And everybody is not able to get to us in Atlanta, so we try to touch every city and give them a little taste of Slutty Vegan so they [fans] can come back to Atlanta and try it.” 

Lines were around the corner on Tuesday afternoon at 7th and Grove in Ybor City. The food truck opened at noon but some customers told RoyalTee they were sitting in line as early as 10 a.m. to one of their vegan burgers such as the popular “One Night Stand.” Customers also cooled off with their signature strawberry lemonade slushie. 

The plan was to serve food until 4 p.m. but they sold out shortly after 2:30 p.m. 

“We REALLY need a Slutty Vegan in Tampa,” the restaurant posted on their Instagram. #facts 

The Slutty Vegan ATL team kept the crowds hype.

Slutty Vegan ATL was started by Clark Atlanta graduate, Aisha “Pinky” Cole in 2018. The first Slutty Vegan ATL brick-and-mortar restaurant opened in January 2019. Today there are three restaurants and three food trucks. No official word on whether any locations will open up in Florida soon. But the love that Slutty Vegan ATL received in Tampa, we hope they consider it! 

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