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‘Heaux Tales’: An Ode to Women Empowerment



On January 8th at midnight EST, Jazmine Sullivan released her highly anticipated project, Heaux Tales.  

This project is dedicated to the ladies. In a short video posted on her Youtube channel, Sullivan shared with her viewers, “ I wrote Heaux Tales to give voice to every woman. We’re deserving of respect whether we work as the CEO of a company or stripping.”

Although, Heaux Tales is star-studded with features from Ari Lennox, Anderson Paak, and H.E.R. It’s the interludes from her friends and family that carry the message.

Society is quick to place women on a “good girl” ” bad girl ” spectrum. However, with 14 tracks and 32 short but beautiful minutes, Sullivan challenges that spectrum and celebrates the complexity of women.

There’s “Antoinette’s Tale”, a woman comfortable in her sexuality who’s not here for the toxic masculine ego.

“Ari’s Tale”, featuring Ari Lennox, a woman who admits to losing herself to sex. “Donna’s Tale” preaches against women looking down on sex workers when they do the same thing for free. Rashida’s Tale, the story of a woman who found love and messed it up.

“Precious’ Tale”, a woman who knows her worth, knows what she brings to the table, and refuses to settle for a man who can meet her financial standards.

In the last interlude, “Amanda’s Tale”, a woman lost in the pursuit of love feels that she’s losing by being a “good” girl.

“It’s about unity. It’s about boldness,” Sullivan said. “It’s about ownership and confidence and also vulnerability and self-reflection.”

Ultimately this project is an ode to women standing in their truth. It’s dedicated to women having agency over bodies, knowing their worth, acknowledging their insecurities, and being accountable for their mistakes.

Overall this piece is about women taking charge of their narrative.

“It’s about women writing their own imperfect stories unashamed.”


Haylee Bell
Haylee Bell is an avid storyteller. Her interests are art, music, film, literature and writing. She aspires to inspire and inform.