• Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

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Do you have a group of friends that mean more to you than a typical friendship? What about sistas?  The popular Tyler Perry show, “Sistas” is renewed for a third season, according to Deadline.  Starring KJ Smith, Mignon Von, Ebony Obsidian, and Novi Brown, the drama-comedy follows four Black women in Atlanta as they juggle the men, jobs, and various situations in their lives.

The first episode premiered in October 2019.  A date for the premiere of the third season has not been announced yet but production is expected to start at the end of January.

Who are the ‘sistas?’

Many women of color can relate to the storyline of “Sistas”. The show discusses many underlining messages about friendship, sisterhood, love, lust, loyalty, and the relationship struggles that females face on a day to day basis.

This series explores, four African American women in Atlanta from all walks of life.

First, “Karen” (played by Obsidian)  a cosmetologist that runs and owns her salon. “Dani”, starring Von,  is an airline customer service supervisor with slight trust issues. And there’s “Sabrina”,  starring Brown, is a bank branch manager and peacemaker, and “Andi”, starring Smith,  the attorney who seems to have everything in her life together, except the men in her life.

True to the essence of the name, day or night, these women will stop whatever they are doing to aid one another through their turmoil, like sistas.

Smith who plays Andy was featured in RoyalTee Magazine’s 2019 Fall edition

“I am the voice of reason,” Smith told RoyalTee during our cover interview. “I’m not the fire-starter, I’m defiantly the strong-friend and what I think I learned on my journey with Andi is that sometimes a strong friend needs help too.”

Smith says she is close to the cast. Their real-life friendship transcends onto the screen.

Undoubtedly, show creator Tyler Perry has provided amazing opportunities for African American actors and actresses, which Smith praises.

“I love him [Perry],” she told RoyalTee. “He has changed my whole life; he has changed the lives of so many actors. He’s responsible for putting so many people on.”

The midseason premiere of “Sistas” airs on Wednesday, January 27th 9/8c on BET and BET+.