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5 Easy Protective Styles For On-The-Go Women

ByMia Hollie

Jan 29, 2021
protective styles

2021 is the year we try to minimize the stresses of last year and that includes our hair. Maintaining natural hair is no walk in the park.ย  Sometimes what was supposed to be a simple wash-n-go can take a few hours out of our day. Here are five protective styles for on-the-go women to keep your natural hair care routine simple and your confidence up this year.


photo from DHGate.com

Butterfly Locs

If you have some time to experiment with a new style, try out butterfly locs! This style is easy enough to install at home for those whose braiding skills arenโ€™t on a professional level. All you need is a crochet needle, a few packs of wavy braiding hair, and if it is your first attempt: patience! But given the distressed look that these locs have, it is almost impossible to go wrong.

Accessorize! Accessorize!

We have all been there: loving a protective style the first one or two weeks, then counting down the days until we can take it out. Adding accessories to your hair is the perfect remedy for overcoming boredom in those last few weeks. Head on over to your local beauty salon store and pick up a variety of coils, hair hoops, and yarn wrap. Are you rocking straight backs? No worries. Try styling your plaits with split fasteners like in the picture above.

Bob it up!

If you already have box braids, cutting your braids down to a bob is a great way to achieve a different look with little to no hassle. After cutting them, secure the ends with elastic bands. You can stop there or cover the bands with beads or coils for a polished look.

Cornrow Accent Braids

Cornrow accent braids are perfect for women who are always on-the-go but want to add a little bit of versatility to their regular hair routine. Braid one to two plaits on each side of the head near the hairline, then secure each braid with an elastic or an accessory. Pair this style with a low or high bun, a wash-n-go, or a twist-out. The possibilities are endless with cornrow accent braids, though, so don’t be afraid to try out your own variation.



Mia Hollie

Mia is a recent graduate of Penn State and an aspiring writer. When she is not writing for RoyalTee Magazine, she enjoys listening to music, learning graphic design, and reading.