• Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
Nalini Jones, Zalex Boutique


Nalini Jones empowers women through fashion and has a lifelong love for the industry. For the past three years, she has been an entrepreneur. Jones, 24, has been working diligently to propel her career as a business owner forward and make a name for herself in the fashion industry. In 2019, the Arizona State graduate launched Zalex Boutique. 
 Zalex providesquality, fashionable, and affordable apparel for women who strive to make a statement about their confidence in the 21st Century,” according to her website. Through Zalex, Jones wanted to create a luxury fashion line that appeals to the modern, trendsetting woman and inspires others.

A fashion line that appeals to everyone… 

“As a little girl, ownership has always been important to me, especially being a woman of color. Therefore I decided to start my own clothing boutique translating my passion into a business. The idea of constantly investing my money into businesses that don’t even display women who look like me didn’t sit right with me. Therefore I wanted to create a business where I have full creative control over everything from the product lines, models, mission, and everything else in between. I wanted to create product lines for my ladies who are petite all the way to my curvy hotties. I love the idea of having full creative control of my business, the ability to develop content embodying the Zalex women.”

“Jones speaks to an array of Royal Women, from those who are taking control in the boardroom to others who are owning the nightlife scene in Miami. And, of course, the Royal Women who can do both flawlessly! Her inspirations include Royal Women such as her mother, Shinita Jones, former first lady Michelle Obama, Tracy Ellis Ross, and Rihanna.”

Let your fierceness shine!

Jones tells RoyalTee she wants women of all ethnicities and sizes to feel inspired when they rock Zalex. 
“Your personality should align with the clothes that you wear, which always gives your first impression when you enter a room,” she says.
As far as the business side of things, Jones says it feels amazing to be a CEO, but like all startup brands, it has its ups and downs. Jones is considered a ‘dualpreneur’, someone who is working their 9 to 5 job, while simultaneously building their individual brands or companies.  
When she is not working on Zalex, she is working full-time at Eward Jones has a Senior insurance specialist and interning at the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation. 
“It is time-consuming researching ways to improve your brand,” she tells RoyalTee, “Keeping up with social media advertising, and working to expand my business globally while having a full-time job in the finance industry and interning in the entertainment industry.”

Growth goals 

Nothing good comes easy and despite having her plate full, Jones has no intentions of slowing down. She is already working on her next collection, growth, and increasing her brand awareness by staying productive and putting in the time and work.
“I have a spring collection coming out at the end of the month (February),” she shared with RoyalTee. The collection is called “A Night In Miami.”
Other goals include having her brand worn and promoted by major fashion influencers such as Michelle Obama, Tyra Banks, and Rihanna.

What makes Nalini a Royal Woman?

“The driven passion that she has for her brand and overall self well-being. Nalini is an educated hard-working leader that many women could look up to. She hopes to inspire and advocate for many women across the world.”a
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