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Exclusive: Joy M. Hutton Talks ‘Ready To Love’, On The Go Glam And Value Of Education

Joy Hutton



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Joy M. Hutton has a lot to smile about these days. The Chicago native is fresh off of OWN’s third season of “Ready to Love: The Last Resort.  And based on what she has shared with RoyalTee, Hutton, 38, is ready for that blissful season to blossom in her life.

Hutton describes the days on set as long and intense, which is understandable when you are stuck on a resort with 19 other people and filming for 12 plus hours. But you’ll never know when watching her ROYALTEE on camera.   

Throughout the season, we watched this melanin beauty capture hearts on and off the scene. As a private person, we related to her real-life, initial reluctance to just being on a reality show. Once she put her fears and doubts aside, we shared her optimism on her love journey as it played out on camera each week in front of millions. We shared her sorrows as she dealt with unimaginable tragedy, losing her sister. And we also related to her joy, as she and her fellow castmates delighted us with their colorful personalities. 

The show was a success. And after dealing with the ups and downs of divorce, it was the new leaf, Hutton needed to turn over for a refreshing look at life and love. ( Warning: we use LOVE  a lot in this edition!) But as much as we enjoyed Hutton on “Ready To Love”, let’s not get it twisted. The reality show is not what makes Hutton our featured Royal Woman. 

She’s unapologetic  

There’s no clout, there’s no shade. From day one, Hutton has been a ‘what you see, is what you get’ type of woman. And we mean that in the most humble and genuine way. Her personality is contagious and her silent fierceness is unquestioned. 

Unlike some women who tend to dodge the ‘age’ question, after a certain number, Hutton is quick to tell you: “I’m a 38-year-old divorcee with no kids.”

Unbothered by societal pressures, she’s content with defining happiness at each stage in her life. After all, how can you make someone else happy if you’re not happy with yourself? 

Her go-getter attitude 

Before Ready To Love. Hutton was already a boss as CEO of Joy of Consulting in Houston. The company just recently celebrated five years of success. 

In December 2020, Hutton went into beauty and created the On the Go Glam (OTGG). The up and coming app is like Uber for beauty. It allows you to bring a glam team right to the comforts of your home or hotel if you’re traveling. Right now it’s Houston-based, but there are plans to expand it to other cities such as Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa, Florida, and Oakland, California.

Hutton is also Houston’s new Google coach and currently pursuing a master’s in business administration. How she’s making time for love and building her brands- we’re pretty sure time management has a lot to do with that. And flexibility.

“One of the things that I learned growing up is that I don’t like being put in a box.  I’m a person that likes a challenge,” she shares during our virtual Zoom interview. 

 As a Royal Woman who is #OnTheGo, Hutton is making it work! And she shares a little bit of the tea with RoyalTee. 

Joy Hutton
Written and Styled by Alexia McKay
Photography: Tiffany Couture
Makeup: Kim Clark
Location: Dreamlite Productions Studios; Houston, TX
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ROYALTEE: Did you watch Ready to Love?

JH: I hadn’t watched the show prior to me being on it. Once I talked to the casting producers, obviously I was like, let me go watch the show and see what it’s about. So, I spoke to one of the casting producers and put my mind at ease about the show.

At that point, I’ve been divorced for three years. I was like, okay, ‘not my ideal way of finding someone, but we’re in a pandemic, and I’m not dating anybody, so might as well give it a try.’ I had a lot of anxiety leading up to it because you’re putting your life in front of everybody, for however long. I had zero expectations because I don’t know who these people are. I just kind of went into the show not overthinking, which is something I’m definitely guilty of. And I’m just going to be myself and be open to the process and see what happens.

“…. we’re in a pandemic, and I’m not dating anybody, so might as well give it a try.’”


ROYALTEE: With reality shows, it’s a little hard to tell what is real and what is scripted?

JH:  Ready to Love is an unscripted reality show. You are definitely dealing with real people and real emotions, for the most part. It really intensifies the process, when you can’t leave the resort. You have to see these people every day. There’s definitely a lot of editing. But I mean, that’s kind of an expectation, because you have 14 hours a day of filming that is consolidated into 45 minutes.  It’s really hard to capture everything, especially in the beginning.  When you have 20 people, you’re not going to get everybody’s story. 

ROYALTEE: True. So let’s talk about your On The Go Glam app! 

JH: Yes! So it was 2016 and I was in LA for an event. And it was seven o’clock in the morning and I was like, you know, ‘I need my makeup done.’ But I had not done any prior research on anyone,  I didn’t go to Instagram, hashtag #LAMUA, none of that. Mac is closed, everything is closed. And so I was like, man, it would be great if there was an app where I can book someone to come and do my makeup in my hotel. And so that’s how On The Go Glam was born.  

ROYALTEE: So it’s basically an app that allows you to find different stylists and makeup artists in different cities?

JH: Yes. Eventually, we will be in different cities. We are Houston-based right now. And so you can book a hairstylist, makeup artist, or nail tech to come to you. It’s kind of like Uber for beauty.

“It’s kind of like Uber for beauty.”

ROYALTEE: How do you feel college has prepared you for entrepreneurship?

JH: My college education has given me a worldly view on things just because when I was in college, I studied abroad. And I went to school on the East Coast, and I went to a predominantly white institution [Bowdoin College in Maine]. I used to be quiet in high school, and when I went to college, I found my voice, and I was like, Sister Souljah in that piece (laughs)! 

There was just a lot of racism and discrimination that was happening on the campus because there weren’t a lot of Blacks. But outside of the social experience that I had, on the academic side of it,  I became a good writer, because of that experience. We were constantly writing papers, and they pushed us. That is one of the things that they [Bowdoin College] were known for- breeding really good writers. That has helped me as an entrepreneur in terms of writing proposals and tweaking contracts.

ROYALTEE: You mentioned doing something with wine. Is that a future goal?

JH: Yeah, eventually, I will do something with wine. I’ll open a wine bar, hopefully in the next couple of years. I definitely want to expand On the Go Glam. Hopefully, that will continue to be a successful company.

Also, continue to scale my consulting firm [Joy of Consulting] as well. Of course, there’s always more I’m striving for, you know, more things that I’m trying to do within the existing businesses that I have.  I lost my sister last year, in September, so yeah, that is something that I’m constantly dealing with every day. I’m just trying to push through on the business side to just kind of cope with that.

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