• Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
Gambeaux Debut EP Cover


Gambeaux, 24, is a musician and actress living in Chicago. She sat down with RoyalTee to discuss her debut EP, how she stays creative in a pandemic, and more, below.  


ROYALTEE: What’s the title of the new EP and when does it drop?

GAMBEAUX: It is titled “Mood Magenta” and it’s dropping Feb. 13.

ROYALTEE: Where will the EP be available for listening when it is released?

GAMBEAUX: It will be available on all major platforms. So, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, Amazon Music, Google Music. Yeah, pretty much anywhere that you might be able to listen to music if you have a paid subscription or free subscription you should be able to find it.

ROYALTEE: What can fans expect from this project?

GAMBEAUX: They can expect emotions. It’s very moody, hence the title, and hopefully it’ll make them think about someone that they have feelings for. It’s very romantic so they can expect that to come through.

ROYALTEE: Is there anything you want fans know about “Mood Magenta” before they hear it?

GAMBEAUX: Yes, there are a few tracks on there that will obviously have, like, in parentheses or brackets “rough draft,” and it’s because it’s a draft or it’s a rough version of a song. I did want to keep an authentic feel to a few of the tracks. This is something I’ve been working on for three years so, obviously, I could go back and record it and make it new and polished and perfect, but throughout this process I’ve realized that I don’t want to be perfect in every song. I don’t want every pitch to be exactly on pitch. There’s a lot of moments where my voice might crack, or I might be slightly out of key, or something might sound dissonant, or something might not sound all the way mixed through for all my professional audio engineer people that might listen to it—and that’s on purpose. It’s kind of left like that, so if you see something that says “rough” or a “draft” it’s supposed to be like that.

ROYALTEE: What is the inspiration behind your music, not just with this EP but as a whole as an artist?

GAMBEAUX: My music is definitely like a diary in a way. Whatever I’m feeling and whoever I’m feeling it about—it’s definitely an outlet to let that out. My music in general is a way to say things that I’m not good at saying regularly, so that’s pretty much it, like a journal.

ROYALTEE: How do you want listeners to feel when they listen to the project?

GAMBEAUX: Um…like, everything. I want them to feel like a bad b****, like they don’t need any person that they might be romantically attracted to. But, also, to feel human and to feel that need to be loved because that’s—I feel like that’s the sum of the human experience—is to be independent and live your life according to yourself. But also one of our most main needs is love and to be loved so both of those things go hand-in-hand with this one.

ROYALTEE: What are your 2021 goals?

GAMBEAUX: My 2021 goals are…my top goal right now is that my boyfriend, TJ, and I are moving to Los Angeles and we’re moving at the end of our lease, so, late July we should be in The City of Angels.

ROYALTEE: Congrats!

GAMBEAUX: Thank you, yeah! I told him this is the last year I’m doing Chicago winter ever again. So, that’s my main goal this year. And then also to, like, obviously promote myself more. I feel like no one is going to believe in me if I don’t believe in myself so it’s time to take that really seriously.

ROYALTEE: The pandemic has been kind of crushing everyone’s souls, so how do you stay motivated as an artist and keep up that energy to keep creating?

GAMBEAUX: Definitely having a therapist is helping. For sure that psychology is definitely working in my favor right now. But, also, to stay motivated I’m trying to not stay inside too much because I noticed when I’m staying in my house and working from home all the time I have no inspiration. I can’t think of anything worthwhile. So, definitely getting outside at least a few times a week even if it’s just driving around and coming back has definitely helped me. And, like, any interaction with other human beings even if it’s through a mask and through a drive-thru, that helps a lot.

ROYALTEE: Okay, last question. What makes you a Royal Woman?  

GAMBEAUX: What makes me a Royal Woman is that I’m going to always get it done. If I want to do it, if I set my mind to it, it’s going to happen. I’m very independent but I also know when I need help, so I think in total knowing that, regardless, I’m going to get it done. If it has to be by myself or if it’s with a group of people, if I said it, it’s going to happen.


Check out Gambeaux on Instagram, Facebook, and stream “Mood Magenta” available Feb. 13 on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and Youtube!



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