• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Lionel Richie And Lisa Parigi Are Happy, In Love And Unbothered

Lionel Richie and Lisa Parigi

Twitter-verse was set ablaze when Lionel Richie revealed his girlfriend, Lisa Parigi to the world. The American Idol judge posted a picture of both of them on his Instagram page on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not the fact that the “All Night Long” singer is proving he still got it and he can still do it all night long. The fact that had people shook was the significant age difference. Richie is 71 and Parigi is 30.

Parigi is her own brand as the CEO of Glow Up Beauty. The company specializes in skincare and aromatherapy candles. The two have reportedly been dating since 2014. Even Richie’s kids, Nicole 39, and Sofia, 22 are all aboard the Lisa train. The two reportedly sung ‘Happy Birthday to her for her birthday back in October. 

Internet trolls have been coming at their relationship from all angles. On one hand, supporters just love to see love win, regardless of the 40-plus age gap. One admirer echoed this sentiment on his Twitter, “Lionel Richie with his new Bae, he’s 71 and she’s 30, love wins,” he wrote. 

On the other hand, there are others who find their relationship off-putting. Some opposers went as far as posting fetus pics, supposedly to symbolize the age difference. And many are comparing the relationship is especially ironic considering Lionel’s criticism of daughter Sofia’s former relationship with 36-year-old Scott Disick, according to The Source.  Others have called Richie a sugar daddy.

Other than her cryptic IG stories,  it seems the Switzerland-born, LA resident is taking the Lori Harvey route and continues to live her best life and stay quiet. It can be a little hard to gauge a relationship by just observing people’s social media. How did they meet? Who knows- maybe it was their mutual love for Rihanna. 

But from all outside visual accounts, the two are happy and in love. And beyond that, that’s all that should matter and it’s none of our business. Let’s worry less on other people’s relationship and more on how we can improve our own. Hence- the unbothered factor. 






Kylii Clay

Kylii Clay is a junior Broadcast Journalism student attending Florida A&M University. She is a freelance and staff writer for the Famuan Newspaper .