• Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

Nic King Creates First Black-Owned Cereal Company Called ‘Proud Puffs’

Watch out General Mills, there is a new cereal in town! Proud Puffs are coming to make a statement with their vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and chocolaty puffs. And check this- the puffs are in the shape of a fist! 

How did Proud Puffs come about?

Nic King, the founder of Proud Puffs discussed how the cereal brand came about with the HuffingtonPost.  On one particular night, the 34-year-old had trouble sleeping caused by a lot of things on his mind. At the time, he had just left his corporate job and the Black Lives Matter protests were in full effect following the murder of George Floyd.  He added the BLM event was the spark that created Proud Puffs.

“I woke out of my sleep. It was a random idea that was on my mind,” said King. “I’m thinking, where is cereal coming from? Starting a cereal company is a super bizarre idea to think about at 3 a.m. but as a man of faith, I’ve always believed if you get a random idea, God gives you an idea and you look into it.”

King spent several months researching to make his vision come to life. In December 2020, he officially announced the launch of the cereal. It’s believed to be the only Black-owned cereal company.

The importance of family and representation

King wanted to highlight the importance of family in his life. This served as his motivation for the creation of the box and company name. 

“I wanted to design a box that looks like us, that kids can see themselves on. They can see their family on, they can be inspired, they can be uplifted by it. It’s healthy for them, but it’s also owned by us,” he said. “So, it gives us the opportunity to take that money that we do raise and invest that money back inside of our community.”

In addition to this, the box does just that, inspire. On one side of the box, families will find a list of influential leaders and activists in Black history. As well as a word search on the back where kids can find positive affirmations.

Not not only does King want to help his community, but he wants to work with local farms across the U.S. His goal is to bring awareness to food insecurity in low-income areas, according to the HuffingtonPost.

You can find Proud Puffs at FundBlackFounders.com 

Chalise Thomas

Chalise Thomas is a Mass Communications major at Albany State University. She lives in Jonesboro, GA