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10 Books Every Queen Should Read

ByAlexia McKay

Apr 25, 2016

Of course, there’s more but we picked ten. Whether it’s on your Nook or the bookshelf, these are our top books every Royal Woman should have:

The Color Purple
Alice Walker

Yesterday I Cried
Iyanla Yanzant

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
Maya Angelou

The Bluest Eye
Toni Morrison

Coffee Will Make You Black
April Sinclair

Year of Yes
Shonda Rhimes

Bitch is the New Black: A Memoir
Helena Andrews

Octavia Butler

A Raisin in the Sun
Lorraine Hansberry

God Don’t Like Ugly
Mary Monroe


Alexia McKay

A working journalist, entrepreneur and founder of RoyalTee Enterprises. Born and raised in Tampa, Fla. The vision of RoyalTee was inspired in 2015 by Alexia’s ambitions to return to her passion for creative writing and publishing and create a platform to showcase the excellence of minority women across the country through professional, personal and social ventures.