• Sun. Apr 18th, 2021
10 songs to get you in the spring mood.


Spring is the start of something new. The flowers bloom and the fresh air makes you happy. Although the pollen is thick in the air, you can listen to these 10 spring vibe songs while washing it off your car:


“Up”- Cardi B

Ms. Bodak Yellow gave us the spring break vibes that COVID took from us (well most of us.) We can never expect less from Cardi. The way she went “Up” in the music industry was spectacular. She gave us this song a couple of weeks ago to keep us moving. Her video featured the dance and it turned into a challenge on social media. Try it and it will be a good workout to prepare for a good spring break trip at the beach.


“A Long Walk”- Jill Scott

Jill Scott knew what she was doing when she made “A Long Walk.” You might even want to dig someone’s company while you’re out there. After all, spring means more time in the sun! 


“Portuguese Love”- Tina Marie

Now we all know Tina Marie has plenty of hits but one song is always guaranteed to put us in a good mood. The song has a cultural beat that only makes you think of sun and happiness. 


“Candy”- Cameo

The signature cookout and electronic slide wedding song ( cue The Best Man). A good BBQ isn’t good without “Candy.”


“45 South”- LE$

SteakxShrimp’s song puts you in the feel-good vibes that remind you of those nights where the air is in the mid-70s. He puts his own spin on a remixed version of OutKast “West Savannah” and Boosty Collins “I’d Rather Be With You”.


“BMO”- Ari Lennox

The beat? Come on… and the lyrics? It’s an automatic happiness trigger. Ari Lennox never disappoints with her vocals. Not only does the song makes you want to sing along, but it also makes you feel like you were meant to be in the video. It’s at the top to be a banger for the spring that will lead us to the Summer months.


“Graduate”- Dom Kennedy 

Graduate? Graduation time puts you in the mood for smiles in the sun, but sometimes in the winter (sorry for Fall semester graduates). Dom Kennedy is an anthem for everyone walking across the stage in May.

“Happy”- Ashanti

When Ashanti said “I’ve been searchin’ for you So glad that I found you,” Let’s hope she was talking about spring too. This song fills you with so much joy and puts you in a good mood. That’s what Spring is all about; the start of new adventures.


“Long Nights”- 6LACK

With spring nights that means long nights ahead with friends, and of course this song played. It’s all about adventures with friends or even someone special. Spring brings in the warmth and what other time is best to get new explores in.


“Get It Shawty”- Lloyd 

Lloyd knew what he was doing when he made this song. This is a hit you are playing on your way to the cookout! Spring brings in good vibes and warmth. Ladies, we all want to feel good going out! So go ahead and start smiling and feel the sun on your skin while listening to this.



Sylah Ferguson

I’m Sylah Ferguson, 20 years old and I was born and raised in Albany, Georgia. I am a Senior at Albany State University majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in Criminal Justice. On campus, I am apart of the radio station Real 92.7 for the school, there I work as an on-air personality and Music Director. I’ve had a strong love for music at a young age, and growing up I listened to a variety of genres of music. Writing has always been one of my strongest talents and favorite hobbies.