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5 Black-Owned Fashion and Accessory Brands To Cash Out On This Summer

ByMia Hollie

May 1, 2021
Black-Owned Fashion Brands

Summer 2021 is around the corner! And it might be the most anticipated summer yet. Let’s face it – summer 2020 was rough. But whatever your plans are for this summer, check out these five Black-owned fashion and accessory brands to look your best.

Kai Collective

Kai Collective, established in 2016 by Fisayo Longe, offers attainable luxury womenswear for multi-dimensional women. The name of the brand was inspired by the word Kai and its many translations. According to Kai Collective’s website, the word Kai means “wow!” in Nigerian. And “wow” perfectly describes the brand’s collection of dresses, tops, skirts, and more.

Our Favorites:

Irun Shirt and Skirt Set (shirt: 90 euros, skirt: 70 euros)

Bea Dress (120 euros)


 The Baked Clay Studio

If you like for your accessories to be just as creative as your outfits, then The Baked Clay Studio is your new go-to online shop. Kristin, the owner and creator of The Baked Clay Studio, started the business in April of last year. What began as a reconnection with a lost passion turned into the jewelry business it is today. Moreover, Kristen handcrafts each pair of earrings in her studio, located in Portland, OR.

Our Favorites:

Abstract Vase Earrings ($34)

Ava/Jadeite Oversized Studs ($34)


According to Neemjah’s website, “Africa, nature and you” inspire the luxury brand. Founder Obi Jacqueline created the fashion brand with affordability and sustainability in mind. The collection is limited but Neemjah’s pieces will have you feeling like you are walking down a runway. And yes, the supermarket counts this summer.

Our Favorites:

Kamala Top and Short Set (top: $53, shorts: $41)

Diana Cropped Suit ($56)



Zou Xou

Pronounced “Zu Zu,” Zou Xou is a slow-fashion footwear brand. Katherine started the business after becoming fed up with toxic work culture in mainstream fashion. As a result, Zou Xou was born. Argentinian shoemakers craft each pair using premium leathers. Zou Xou offers versatile sandals, heels, and slides. 

Our Favorites:

Río Toe Ring Thong Sandal ($165)

Delfina Sandal ($160)

Fe Noel 

Fe Noel is a Brooklyn-based womenswear brand created by Felisha “Fe” Noel. The label takes inspiration from Felisha’s Grenadian heritage. Similarly, the brand uses her philosophy that to make our lives beautiful, we should dress beautifully. All of Fe Noel’s clothing and swimsuit apparel are reminiscent of tropical beaches and warm weather. Fe Noel also offers pieces for any type of weather or getaway. 

Our Favorites:

Two-Tone Swimsuit ($128)

Button-Up Wrap Top ($198)

Mia Hollie

Mia is a recent graduate of Penn State and an aspiring writer. When she is not writing for RoyalTee Magazine, she enjoys listening to music, learning graphic design, and reading.