• Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

Amara La Negra is a melanin goddess- periodt! The 30-year-old, whose real name is Diana Danelys De Los Santos, has a heavy presence on Instagram and we are so grateful for it!

From her luscious afro to her glowing radiant, coconut skin, this beautiful Afro-Latina is gorgeous and yes we are crushing.  Below are 10 of our favorite looks of La Negra. Of course, there are more but these are our top ones…

The Mother of Nature 

There is power behind a woman’s softness! La Negra looks stunning in this image by Joyanne Panton. The look also depicts both her feminity and that mega-watt smile! *Two snaps* Yes Ma’am!

Ms. Boss Lady

Atención! In case you missed the memo, Amara is definitely a boss! She is a singer, actress and dancer. 
In 2019, she was featured on Dancing With The Stars. Last year, she started a new dance challenge off her song called "Andale."
Amara is also a television host, author and recently become an Air BnB owner in the Dominican Republic.

Pheww, talk about a businesswoman am I right? All while looking amazing!

Devastating in red

You know what they say about a woman in red, she’s firey and fierce! Amara looks like a Dominican Mami indeed in this beautiful red one-piece suit and jeweled turban. 

Versace! Versace! Versace! 

Hey Siri, play “Versace” by Migos! Need I say more? Also a fro crown and a glass of Jack to top off the look! Okkuur! 


Carnival Mami!

Amara cherishes her Caribbean roots in this gorgeous, custom carnival costume! 


A singer at heart!

I just left the 1950s vibe in this photo! Amara shows off her skills as a model and a singer in this post with all her stunning poses. My favorite pose is definitely C! Be sure to swipe right to pick your favorite!


Golden Girl

A beauty that shimmers. Amara wears a gold one-piece suit leaving her followers in awe. The gold complements her velvet skin beautifully. One viewer commented under her post, “Queen of the pack.” Indeed!



Strike a pose and vogue! It’s the hat for me. And look at that stance. Amara is real big on creativity and it shows in her shoots. From the style to the pose, Amara does it all so effortlessly!

Pretty in pink

A dream in pink! The Miami beauty wears a beautiful two-toned satin pink dress with gold jeweled detailing. And she literally looks amazing in every color of the rainbow. Just wow! 


Royal Woman

Well of course it’s the purple! Purple is royalty in every sense of the word, and so is Amara! Here she is showing off how women can both be powerful while being soft and delicate.

This seems to be a big message that she conveys in her photos. Amara La Negra is all about women empowerment, and so are we here at Royaltee Magazine! 

Deanna Kenner

Deanna Kenner is an Atlanta native. She is a recent college graduate from Georgia State University receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English. Her favorite is blue as you may tell by her funky hair color and she has a passion for writing and reading.