• Sun. May 16th, 2021

“A Black Lady Sketch Show” Season 2 Delivers The Kind Of Comedy That We’ve All Been Searching For

A Black Lady Sketch Show

Let’s face it – sometimes we don’t want to explore the Black experience through a 2-hour film based on generational trauma. Sometimes, we want to laugh; even if it is at the most absurd experiences we go through. Robin Thede’s sketch comedy series, “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” delivers comedy that we can all pull joy from even in turbulent times.

The series, featuring Thede and her co-stars Quinta Brunson, Gabrielle Dennis and Ashley Nicole Black,  was released in 2019.

Last week, the second season of the Emmy-nominated show aired on HBO. Similar to its predecessors “Key and Peele” and “Chappelle’s Show,” the show satirizes Black communities’ experiences. However, unlike other sketch series, “A Black Lady Sketch Show” focuses solely on Black women.

And although it may seem counterintuitive to promote a comedy show in the wake of the recent attacks on within the community, Thede feels that we all still deserve to have some laughter in our lives.

“This last year has been really soul-crushing for many of us,” she said in an interview. “I know that’s such a heavy thing to say when I’m promoting a sketch show. But at the end of the day, this work is greater than us.”

She continued, “And because we’re the only group of Black women doing this, in the history of sketch and currently on television, I think it’s really critical that we’re able to bring some joy.”


Season 2 of “A Black Lady Sketch Show”

Season one of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” centered around a common theme in Hollywood, and perhaps in reality itself: the apocalypse. Each character found themselves drinking their final days away in Robin’s (Robin Thede) fortified house. The season ended with an ominous knock at the door, signaling that the four ladies were not the only ones left on Earth.

The second season picks up exactly where the first left off, with Robin and the other survivors questioning who exactly is knocking at the door during the end of the world.

The current season includes a skit about women voicing their concerns about global warming and diversity in customer feedback. Except in this scenario, the ladies go full-throttle in a bank stick-up. It also includes a skit on everyone’s favourite grade school game, M.A.S.H., that turns wrong, featuring Omarion.

Then, of course, the infamous all-Black women courtroom scenario made a comeback this season. But, this time, a man disrupts the scene.

Altogether, “A Black Lady Sketch Show” is the perfect comedy fix that we all have been in desperate need of. Season two episodes are released every Friday on HBO Max.

Mia Hollie

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