• Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

RoyalTee Talks Exclusive: Olympia LePoint Talks NASA, Manifestation And Securing Your Best Future

Olympia LePoint

Who says you can’t be pretty and smart? Olympia LePoint, 44, is an award-winning rocket scientist, journalist and, author. Her book, Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want, is all about overcoming your fear to secure your best future. 

On Monday night, LePoint was our special guest on RoyalTee Talks, in which she broke down the six points to attracting what you want. Learn more about this amazing Royal Woman below: 

Growing up, did you always know you wanted to be in the STEM field? Who or what were your inspirations?

I always knew that I was to become a scientist. I was 6 years old when I decided to become a rocket scientist. I was 9 years old when I was impacted by the 1986 NASA Space Shuttle Challenger accident. I was 12 when I first started investigating Albert Einstein’s theories about energy. I learned that Energy is eternal and it shifts the Earth. I remember having dreams at 15 about science coming to life. At 21, I earned my first university math degree. At 33, I developed my first science theory about how we effectively learn math and science, called ‘Mathaphobia.’ At 40, I had a dream that led me to develop my second science theory about how we can rewire our thinking from painful memories, called ‘The Triabrain Theory of Relativity.’ And I was 44 when I developed my third science theory about how we make decisions for our best future, called ‘Quantum Deciding.’ My Answers Unleashed book series share these science educational discoveries.

Has there ever been a time where you felt like giving up? How did you handle those times?

Every brilliant leader is faced with decisions to give up. The more that you are tested, the more powerful your future will be. When you pass life’s tests, your breakthrough comes. For me, I failed Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Chemistry in high school. At the time, I was in severe poverty, and we had no food to eat at home. I was previously attacked by a ‘family friend’, and I was learning to rebuild my trust in people again. I also witnessed gang violence, deaths on our corner, and drug addictions in my neighborhood. These events were horrific tests. I vowed to myself to always stay in school and make something of myself, so I could change my future. There were many times that I felt like giving up. Just thinking about those times requires my mental strength.

The shift for me came at one moment: there was a teacher who volunteered to help me relearn Calculus. In that 30-day turning period, I saw that my fears were stopping me from my future. And the epiphany came: As long as I learned to study math and science, I could learn to turn off the fear in my brain. I began to see math was a language that pointed me to answers in my life. I carry that theme with me today through my ANSWERS UNLEASHED brand.


As a woman of color, how important is representation to you, specifically in the STEM and space field?

Words cannot express how important it is to have women in science, and women of color in science. Women are needed more than you possibly know. In 1998, I was one of two women in the room of 200 men. I was the only person of color. Diversity and inclusion are extremely important to me. I would not be where I am had it not been for the people who supported Civil Rights Movements. They fought to create an opportunity for me to share my talents.  I thank every person who was there before me.


Tell us about the work you’ve done with NASA?

As a mathematician, I helped save human lives. I used mathematics and science to calculate the probability of catastrophic explosions within NASA space flight. My training lead me to become a System Safety and Reliability Engineering expert, and for my signature authorized Space Shuttle Main Engine tests. While supporting Mission Control, I helped prevent uncontained engine explosions and create safe NASA launches for astronauts. Years ago, I helped create the engine technology that helped NASA JPL land on Mars today. And over 20 years ago, I helped launch the satellites that we use today for video conference technology. The most amazing time is when I helped launch my dear friend, retired NASA Astronaut Robert Curbeam, safely into space.


Every brilliant leader is faced with decisions to give up. The more that you are tested, the more powerful your future will be.

Staying on NASA, is Hidden Figures on your list of favorite movies?

When I first saw the movie Hidden Figures, I cried.  Katherine Johnson and Mary Jackson went through the exact same challenges that I faced. I was floored! And my story was 38 years after their stories. People were not accustomed to listening to a woman of color in Space briefings, within a position to help save astronaut lives. I thank God for the role I played in saving human lives.

Who do you most admire and why?

My mom. She is one amazing, strong woman. She raised four girls on her own. My father passed away in July 2020, and I forgave him for making horrible choices and being absent in my life. That decision took a lot of strength. My mom was my mom and dad, and she did the best she could, given her circumstances.

Owning your future- is it really a science behind it?

Your decisions count. There is a science to your effective decision-making. You must know that your decisions can give you eternal life. The science comes from my new book Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want. The book reveals a new decision-making science called ‘Quantum Deciding’ a new term I created in science to represent how your decisions have powerful energy.

I gave a virtual TED-like lecture on my new decision-making science called “Quantum Deciding” at California State University Northridge. You can see the talk on my webpage.

In the talk, I share that you have six decisions that attract your positive future. By acknowledging your top 6 past fear moments while envisioning your best future, you learn to make decisions to attract what you want. People who watch my ‘Quantum Deciding’ youtube TED-like talk are empowered in knowing the science on why great opportunities come to you after making specific decisions.


As millennials, we can struggle with “not having it together” at a certain time and age (i.e. career success, family aspirations, for women: when are you going to have kids, finances). What advice would you give to individuals who deal with that?

Never compare yourself to others. There will always be someone prettier than you, smarter than you, healthier than you, and more successful than you. And that is life. And that is 100% okay. Congratulate yourself on making it this far. You are still alive, even after a pandemic. It took a lot of work to get to where you are. That was a huge feat. You are alive and still breathing. The first parts of your life does not define your future.  Rather, your decisions define your best future. Make your decisions count.

What makes you a Royal Woman?

I believe in God, and God’s will for my life. All else is not as important. My faith gives me purpose. I see myself as a regular human being who asks God for strength to overcome my challenges. I am willing to learn and share my lessons. If you ask each of the 17 million people who watched me thus far on TV and online, they most likely will each share different answers.  Success is defined by you and God, and no one else.

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