• Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

These Top 3 Cities Have Been Rated The Best For LGBTQ Singles To Find Love

Some cities welcome LGBTQ culture more than others, and there are many cities that would be great environments for LGBTQ singles who are looking to meet others. These cities typically have a history related to the LGBTQ community, host extravagant Pride celebrations or are home to clubs and bars for members of the gay community.

RoyalTee Magazine highlights three cities that are welcoming of LGBTQ culture. They are great places for those who are single and looking to interact with others in the LGBTQ community. These cities are great places for gay singles to celebrate Pride, vacation, or even live.

Some cities are more welcoming of Pride and LGBTQ culture. Photo courtesy: timeout.com

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is widely recognized as a place where modern LGBTQ culture got its start. There are even television shows, such as Tales of the City, based on the queer scene in the city.

LGBTQ history is everywhere in San Francisco. In 1978, the first rainbow flag was created by an artist from San Francisco by the name of Gilbert Baker. Their annual Pride Festival is one of the largest in the country. 

There are many clubs and bars for LGBTQ nightlife in the city as well. Some spots include The Cinch and SF Eagle.

Austin, Texas

Texas is often remarked as a conservative state, but Austin is considered to be a more welcoming and friendly city on the pride side. According to the city website, Austin is a city where the gay community is free to express themselves anywhere.

“Unlike many places, which have only one or two areas known as ‘gay districts,’ Austin’s LGBTQ residents are truly everywhere. And proud of it,” it says on their website.

Austin is also good for nightlife with gay bars like Oilcan Harry’s and Rain on 4th.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a place that is filled with colorful culture. It is also a thriving place for queer singles.

New Orleans has been welcoming LGBTQ culture for almost 70 years. America’s oldest gay social organization, the Steamboat Club, was founded there in 1953. The Gay Liberation Front of New Orleans was also active there in the 1970s.

New Orleans, of course, has nightlife for all people. But one of its biggest attractions for the LGBTQ community is its Pride festival, Southern Decadence, which is one of the city’s top five tourist events.

“The event draws more than 180,000 mostly LGBTQ partiers to New Orleans,” it says on the city’s website.

New Orleans is also home to Queen of Bounce and LGBTQ superstar, Big Freedia.

The website Lawnstarter breaks down other cities for gay singles, which include: Atlanta, Washington D.C., Boston, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Denver. But don’t let the stats discourage you, love could be found any and everywhere! 



Daniel J. Newton

Daniel J. Newton is a senior journalism student at Florida A&M University originally from Tampa, Florida. He has bylines in publications such as The Famuan, Journey Magazine and The Tallahassee Democrat.