• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

How Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Is Leading The Surge to Revitalize Black-Owned Businesses

Black-owned Businesses

Business mogul and hip hop legend Sean Combs’ company Combs Enterprise, has partnered with software company Salesforce to create a platform for us to buy exclusivity from Black entrepreneurs. 

The companies teamed up to launch a digital marketplace allowing customers a chance to discover and purchase products directly from Black-owned businesses. The marketplace arrives to close the wealth gap that holds Black Americans back, from achieving economic equality. 



Sean Combs brought the announcement of the platform, Shop Circulate, at a perfect time. The 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre importantly served as a reminder that generational wealth in Black communities stems directly from being Black-owned. In addition, the money created in the Black community has to establish wealth that will last generations to come. 

In an official press release, Sean Combs stated that “Building Black wealth starts with investing in Black-Owned businesses and giving entrepreneurs access to the consumers needed…” Combs goes on to say his new partnership will “advance our collective pursuit of economic justice.” In other words, we need to be all hands on deck to improve our economic struggles as a community. Therefore businesses need to be visible to consumers so the dollars spent can go back into the community. 



However, the partnership has already begun recirculating dollars in the Black community. The acquisition of The Nile List, a digital community that connects Black-owned brands with buyers and supporters. Similarly, this joining will allow businesses much more chances for discovery. 

Combs Enterprises appointed the founder of The Nile List, Khadijah Robinson, as Shop Circulate’s Head of Product. This role gives her the task of developing the platform into something even larger. 

Khadijah Robinson/ The Nile List

In addition to the list of capable partners to turn this platform into a success, Shop Circulate has joined with the Official Black Wall Street, the directory of Black-owned businesses. Mandy Bowman, the founder, has agreed to join as an advisor for the company. 

Above all, Sean Combs continues to inspire and amaze us all. He is already a brand of his own, yet has time to manage several others. For instance, Bad Boy Entertainment, Combs Wine & Spirits, and REVOLT MEDIA & TV. Combs proves yet again that success is earned, not given. 

Shop Circulate starts its circulation this fall. 

Andre Jones

Aspiring screenwriter, from the Philadelphia area. A Morgan State University student with a hope to write content that means something and will be admired.