• Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

5 Ways To Celebrate Pride Month 2021 And Support Your Loved Ones

 Every June, the LGBTQIA+ community comes together for Pride Month. Diverse sexual identities are celebrated with energizing parades, dance parties, and other special events. 

Check out these fun ways to celebrate Pride this year with your friends and family this year. 

Attend a parade

Photo Credit: Chicago Sun-Times

Due to COVID-19, some parades have been canceled or postponed until October for LGBTQ history month.  But others like the San Francisco Pride, is still happening.  CDC guidelines for outdoor gatherings are expected to be enforced. 

Support an LGBTQ business!

Photo Credit: gc2b.co

Those who prefer not to leave the comfort of their quarantine this year or who want to celebrate in a different way can support the LGBTQ movement financially. Supporting an LGBTQ business is a great way to show support during pride month. But you can also knock out two birds with one stone and support a Black LGBTQ business!  The first gender-affirming fashion business, gc2b is Black and trans-owned.  The company designs and creates gender-affirming chest binding clothing for trans people.

Donate / Volunteer with an LGBTQ organization

Photo credits: hrc.org

Donating to LGBTQ organizations that specialize in LGBTQ community outreach, safe spaces, and awareness is an excellent way to show support.  

Attend a virtual pride concert


Have a fantastic pride month at home by attending a virtual event. There are a handful of virtual concerts to attend and some at no cost to viewers.  TikTok teamed up with LA Pride to host the Thrive with Pride concert on June 10. And on June 25, YouTube is hosting YouTube Pride 2021.

Just support 



Support can go a long way. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, more Americans support LGBTQ rights than ever before. The Equality Act is currently making its way through Congress.

Singer Demi Lovato announced in a video on Twitter that they identify as non-binary and changed their pronouns to they/them. Lovato stands in support of those who have not shared their true identity with loved ones.


Check out GLAAD’s Resource List for a list of organizations that support LGBTQ rights.


Alaijah Brown is a senior broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University. She identifies with the pronouns she/her and aspires to build a career in fashion journalism.