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Ray J and Shad Moss Discuss Their Lives As Fathers And Commitment Views On ‘The Breakfast Club’

ByAndre Jones

Jun 14, 2021

Businessmen and artists Ray J and Shad Moss, are often seen working hard through various businesses. Though in reality, the ex-childhood stars, are more concerned with the commitment of being good fathers. The duo made an impromptu visit to the The Breakfast Club after attending Diddy’s post-pandemic New York City homecoming celebration. According to Moss, they had not slept all night. But both men were focused and talked about their legacy, fatherhood, and possibilities of the future. 

Shad Moss

Shad and Shai Moss / @Shadmoss instagram

Moss, commonly known as Bow Wow, stepped into stardom at the age of 13. The release of his first album, Beware of Dog, changed his future forever. Now at 34, Moss is more concerned with his children’s futures.

In the surprise interview, Charlamagne Tha God, asked how fatherhood has changed him. 

“Patience…before I had my kids I felt like I was rushing,” Moss said. “Now I feel like I can control the time. 

The Growing Up Hip-Hop star and executive producer is the father of Shai Moss, 10, whom he shares with entrepreneur Joie Chavis, and a son, Stone Moss, with Atlanta-based model, Olivia Sky.

Moss kept his daughter for two months in Atlanta and called it the “illest thing ever.”

“I want my daughter to live with me, even though Joie ain’t going for it.”

  As far as putting a ring on anyone’s finger, Moss explains that the idea of getting married is not something he believes in; but, setting down with one person is an opportunity he wants.

“I’m ready,” he told Breakfast Club co-host, Angela Yee at 25:00 into the interview. “I am ready to settle down, it’s just the battle I have with the lifestyle. It’s like damn, I feel like I’m 55-years-old when I’m in a relationship.”

“I love that lifestyle (being in a relationship) but I also feel like it takes me away from being who I am,” he said.  Moss still finds time to live his life, with no strings attached. But there may be one woman that could officially get Bow out the streets.

The BWB Apparel mogul later added, “If there’s any way possible that I can be with the person I really like,” he shared, “I would stop…you give me that, I might sit my a** down.” No names were shared but let’s keep Mr. Moss in our commitment prayers! 

Ray J

Ray J and Family / @RayJ Instagram

Oppositely Ray J loves the committed life. Needless to say, his “One Wish” of being a family man has been made official. During the interview, Ray J touched on his rocky marriage with Princess Love, whom he married in 2016. 

“We went through a tough time man,” he said, reflecting on their 5-year marriage. “We’ve had our arguments but its totally different now. We can argue and then let it go, come back 2 hours and we straight.” But he credits God and his environment on putting a stop to a possible divorce, which was documented on Growing Up Hip-Hop: Hollywood. 

Ray J explained that his family’s move from L.A. to Miami gave them space to talk.

“Thanks to God it was a 360-turnaround,” he said. “It turned into something that was working.”

He added, “I love my wife, I don’t wanna be with nobody else.”

The aspects of being a father have given Ray J new responsibilities. The couple shares their daughter, Melody Love, 2. 

His biggest desire is to use his energy correctly.  “If I can put all this time…all this energy and just put it into fatherhood, I would be the dopest father,” he says. 

When Charlamagne tried to put Ray J in the hot seat and ask him about his infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian and the possibility of him and Moss being “Eskimo brothers,” the 40-year-old entrepreneur used those opportunities to talk about his new “RayCon” wireless earbuds.

“I really believe when you’re in that better place, you gotta stay in that better place,” said Ray J. 

 admits he likes relationships and stability but not all the time.  Above all, both of these men understand what responsibilities and power they hold. Their need to be good fathers and set examples for their children comes before the public’s desires. 


Watch the full Breakfast Club interview below:

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